The Raymond Burr Memorial Garden

Burr and FriendsThe garden at the entrance to the Museum honors Raymond Burr, who, prior to his death in 1993, spent many hours on Sanibel as benefactor and fund-raiser for the Museum.

Born on May 17, 1917, in British Columbia, Canada, Raymond Stacy Burr came to California at age 5. His acting career covered thousands of radio appearances, 66 films from 1940 to 1993, and more than 150 television shows. His leading role as “Perry Mason” became a Saturday evening favorite in that popular television series that reached an audience of more than 30 million viewers. “Ironside” was another of Burr’s famous roles in television.

Idyllic and isolated South Seas islands were magnets for Raymond Burr, who in 1965 purchased Naitamba Island in Fiji. There, he and his partner Robert Benevides collected shells as a relaxing hobby.

As an early supporter of the Museum, Raymond Burr chaired its first capital campaign and graciously hosted several fund raisers.

You can be a part of the Raymond Burr Memorial Garden by buying a brick for $150.

"I urge you to support The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum on Sanibel Island."
- Raymond Burr

sample brick
  • To purchase a brick, fill the spaces in the downloadable brick form with the text you desire and mail together with a check for $150 to:

    The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum
    P.O. Box 1580
    Sanibel, FL 33957

  • To view existing bricks, first find the location by last name or other (in alphabetical order) in the downloadable list, then locate the zone by its number in the downloadable map. Location is approximate, if you do not find your brick in the indicated zone try the other zones immediately adjacent.

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