Live Sanibel Mollusks DVDs

"Mollusks in Action" and "Trails and Tales of Living Seashells" are videos that feature living mollusks found on the beaches and tidal pools of Sanibel Island and other parts of Southwest Florida. The videos were filmed and produced by Shell Museum Education Docent Joyce Matthys. The 30-minute video covers, in an easy-to-understand approach, different aspects of molluscan lives such as feeding, locomotion, anatomy, defense strategies, and reproduction.

Shell Museum Curator and Director of Education José H. Leal, Ph.D., observed that ""Mollusks in Action" and "Trails and Tales of Living Seashells" are well-researched and wonderfully produced videos that can be enjoyed by members of a large audience, including mollusk students, naturalists, and curious beachcombers."

Renowned shell author S. Peter Dance stated: "Few of us know anything about the amazing life styles of the soft-bodied animals that created them. These informative videos show that studying living mollusks may be more rewarding than merely picking up their shells."

The two videos are shown around the clock daily at the Shell Museum, and are available from the Museum store in DVD format for $19.95 each plus shipping.

A three-DVD set, "Educational Series Vol. 1," also filmed and produced by Joyce Matthys, includes the two forementioned videos plus a Teacher's Guide to molluscan life. The cost is $50 plus shipping.

Video Clips

live Oliva sayana

live Strombus alatus

live Dinocardium robustum

Tulip eating Fighting Conch

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