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"Best. Field. Trip. EVER!"

The Shell Museum's groundbreaking Adopt-a-Class program receives rave reviews from Lee County fourth graders and teachers-and it's all thanks to our donors' generosity and our volunteers' commitment that these students can make field trips to the Museum for activities that are fun, memorable, and educational. Nearly 140 classes with about 3,000 students will visit during this school year! This is a huge increase in participation, with some schools coming to the museum for the very first time.

With your support, this season will be even bigger and better. By “Adopting a Class” you’ll enable us to continue the program children and teachers love, which includes a live tank demonstration and fun, educational hands-on activities. We create lifetime memories and a love of life-long learning.

A donation of $350 covers the cost of each Adopt-a-Class visit, including transportation. For many schools this is the only way that they can make this opportunity available.

Please contact Melanie Moraga at or 239-395-2233 to adopt a class, or 2, or 3!!

Thank you for making this investment in the students of Lee County.