A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 105 (1991)

Volume 105 Number 4 (November 25, 1991)
  • Y. I. KANTOR and A. V. SYSOEV. Mollusks of the genus Antiplanes (Gastropoda: Turridae) of the northwestern Pacific Ocean.: 119–146
  • G. ROSENBERG and R. SALISBURY. Two new species of Vexillum from the western Pacific (Gastropoda: Costellariidae): 147–151
  • M. F. VIDRINE and J. L. WILSON. Parasitic mites (Acari: Unionicolidae) of fresh-water mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae) in the Duck and Stones rivers in central Tennessee: 152–158
  • P. BOUCHET and P. BAIL. Volutes from Saya de Malha Bank: the saga of Lyria surinamensis and a new species: 159–164
  • T. OKUTANI. Mistaken localities for some shells “from Surinam”: 165
  • J. F. QUINN, JR. New species of Gaza, Mirachelus, Calliotropis, and Echinogurges (Gastropoda: Trochidae) from the northwestern Atlantic Ocean: 166–172
  • A. J. PAUL and H. F. CLIFFORD. Acroloxus coloradensis (Henderson), a rare North American freshwater limpet: 173–174
Volume 105 Number 3 (August 27, 1991)
  • J. F. QUINN, JR. Lamellitrochus, a new genus of Solariellinae (Gastropoda: Trochidae), with descriptions of six new species from the western Atlantic Ocean: 81–91
  • J. S. LUCAS, E. LEDUA and R. D. BRALEY. Tridacna tevoroa Lucas, Ledua and Braley: a recently described species of giant clam (Bivalvia: Tridacnidae) from Fiji and Tonga: 92–103
  • B. A. MARSHALL. Dates of publication and supraspecific taxa of Bellardi and Sacco’s (1873–1904) “I molluschi dei terreni terziarii del Piedmonte e della Liguria” and Sacco’s (1890) “Catalogo paleontologico del bacino terziario del Piedmonte”: 104–115
  • R. B. TOLL. A note on supposed homonyms of Octopus australis Hoyle, 1885, with comments on Octopus campbelli Smith, 1902 (Cephalopoda: Octopodinae): 116–117
  • News and Notices: 118
Volume 105 Number 2 (April 10, 1991)
  • R. BIELER and A. R. KABAT. Malacological journals and newsletters, 1773–1990: 39–61
  • W. K. EMERSON. First records for Cymatium mundum (Gould) in the eastern Pacific Ocean, with comments on the zoogeography of the tropical trans-Pacific tonnacean and non-tonnacean prosobranch gastropods with Indo-Pacific faunal affinities in western American waters: 62–80
Volume 105 Number 1 (March 14, 1991)
  • D. G. REID, N. I. ZASLAVSKAYA and S. O. SERGIEVSKY. Littorina kasatka, a new species from the Kurile Islands and Okhotsk Sea: 1–6
  • D. G. REID and A. N. GOLIKOV. Littorina naticoides, new species, with notes on the other smooth-shelled Littorina species from the northwestern Pacific: 7–15
  • N. C. HULINGS. Activity patterns and homing of Acanthopleura gemmata (Blainville, 1825) (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) in the rocky intertidal of the Jordan Gulf of Aqaba: 16–25
  • R. HOUART. The southeastern Brazilian Muricidae collected by RV Marion-Dufresne in 1987, with the description of three new species: 26–37
  • News and Notices: 8

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