A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 112 (1998)

Volume 112 Number 4 (December 23, 1998)
  • B. A. MARSHALL. Pulvinites exempla (Hedley, 1914) from the New Zealand region (Bivalvia: Pulvinitidae): 99–102
  • C. F. ITUARTE. Acrorbis petricola Odhner, 1937 (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Planorbidae) at Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina, and the rediscovery of the type series of Acrorbis odhneri Hylton-Scott, 1960: 103–108
  • K. AUFFENBERG. A new species of land snail of the genus Georissa (Gastropoda: Hydrocenidae) from the Philippine Islands: 109–112
  • M.G. HARASEWYCH and R. E. PETIT. Cancellaria (Euclia) laurettae, a new species of Cancellariidae (Mollusca: Neogastropoda) from western Panama: 113–116
  • G. J. VERMEIJ and M. A. SNYDER. Leucozonia ponderosa, a new fasciolariid gastropod from Brazil: 117–119
  • Book Review: 120–121
  • Notices: 122
Volume 112 Number 3 (October 15, 1998)
  • N. FEINSTEIN and S. D. CAIRNS. Learning from the collector: a survey of azooxanthellate corals affixed by Xenophora (Gastropoda: Xenophoridae), with an analysis and discussion of attachment patterns: 73–83
  • M. J. KENNISH, A. S. TAN and R. A. LUTZ. Shell microstructure of mytilids (Bivalvia) from deep-sea hydrothermal vent and cold-water sulfide/methane seep environments: 84–89
  • M. E. GORDON. Molluscan taxa and bibliography of Henry van der Schalie: 90–94
  • C. M. HERTZ and B. W. MYERS. A new Favartia (Murexiella) from the Panamic Province (Gastropoda: Muricidae) and designation of a lectotype for F. (M.) exigua (Broderip, 1833): 95–98
Volume 112 Number 2 (September 22, 1998)
  • E. S. MORALES and R. GASCA. Thecosome pteropod (Gastropoda) assemblages of the Mexican Caribbean Sea (1991): 43–51
  • B. A. MARSHALL. A new deep-sea limpet of the genus Pectinodonta Dall, 1882 from New Zealand, and new distribution records for P. aupouria and P. morioria Marshall, 1985 (Gastropoda: Acmaeidae): 52–57
  • P. HENDRICKS. Rediscovery of Discus brunsoni Berry, 1955 and Oreohelix alpina (Elrod, 1901) in the Mission Mountains, Montana, with comments on Oreohelix elrodi (Pilsbry, 1900): 58–62
  • G. PASTORINO and P. PENCHASZADEH. Epitonium fabrizioi (Gastropoda: Epitoniidae), a new species from Patagonia, Argentina: 63–68
  • N. A. ARDILA and J. M. DÍAZ. Two new species of Periploma (Bivalvia: Anomalodesmata: Periplomatidae) from the southern Caribbean: 69–72
Volume 112 Number 1 (July 21, 1998)
  • H. L. FAIRBANKS. Clarification of the taxonomic status and reproductive anatomy of Philomycus batchi Branson, 1968 (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Philomycidae): 1–5
  • D. G. REID and Y. M. MAK. Additions and corrections to the taxonomy of the genus Peasiella Nevill, 1885 (Gastropoda: Littorinidae): 6–33
  • J. H. LEAL. Donald Richard Moore (February 16, 1921-October 19, 1997): biographical sketch, zoological taxa, and bibliography: 34–40
  • Notices: 41

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