A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 114 (2000)

Volume 114 Number 4 (December 15, 2000)
  • L. R. L. SIMONE, G. PASTORINO and P. E. PENCHASZADEH. Crepidula argentina (Gastropoda: Calyptraeidae), a new species from the littoral of Argentina: 127–141
  • R. E. PETIT and M. G. HARASEWYCH. Three new species of the genus Merica (Neogastropoda: Cancellariidae) from South Africa and the Philippines: 142–148
  • B. A. MARSHALL. Systematics of the genus Infundibulum Montfort, 1810 (Gastropoda: Trochidae): 149–154
  • D. G. SMITH. On the taxonomic placement of Unio ochraceus Say, 1817 in the genus Ligumia (Bivalvia: Unionidae): 155–160
  • M. A. SNYDER. Latirus beckyae, a new species of Fasciolariidae (Neogastropoda) from Brazil: 161–163
Volume 114 Number 3 (September 5, 2000)
  • S. H. YOON and W. KIM. Phylogeny of some gastropod mollusks derived from 18S rDNA sequences with emphasis on the Euthyneura: 85–92
  • A. J. CLAIN and M. A. REX. Size-depth patterns in two bathyal turrid gastropods: Benthomangelia antonia (Dall) and Oenopota ovalis (Friele): 93–98
  • J. H. MCLEAN. Four new genera for northeastern Pacific gastropods: 99–102
  • Y. I. KANTOR and M. G. HARASEWYCH. Obscuranella papyrodes, a new genus and species of abyssal tonnoidean gastropod from Antarctica: 103–111
  • R. E. BENNETTS, S. A. SPARKS and D. JANSEN. Host-tree selection by Florida tree snails, Liguus fasciatus (Müller, 1774), in Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida, USA: 112–116
  • R. COLLIN. The development of three heterobranch mollusks from California, USA: 117–119
  • W. N. HARMANN. Diminishing species richness of mollusks in Oneida Lake, New York State, USA: 120–126
Volume 114 Number 2 (June 6, 2000)
  • D. G. SMITH. Notes on the taxonomy of introduced Bellamya (Gastropoda: Viviparidae) species in northeastern North America: 31–37
  • G. PASTORINO and M. G. HARASEWYCH. A revision of the Patagonian genus Xymenopsis Powell, 1951 (Gastropoda: Muricidae): 38–58
  • J. H. LEAL and L. R. L. SIMONE. Copulabyssia riosi, a new deep-sea limpet (Gastropoda: Pseudococculinidae) from the continental slope off Brazil with comments on the systematics of the genus: 59–68
  • G. DARRIGRAN and I. E. DE DRAGO. Invasion of the exotic freshwater mussel Limnoperna fortunei (Dunker, 1857) (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) in South America: 69–73
  • W. MONTEIRO and T. KAWANO. Location of allospermatozoa in the freshwater gastropod Biomphalaria tenagophila (d'Orbigny, 1835) (Pulmonata: Planorbidae): 74–79
  • J. CORDEIRO. Status of the tidewater mucket, Leptodea ochracea (Say, 1817) (Bivalvia: Unionidae), in Halfway Pond, Massachusetts, USA: 80–83
  • Notices.
Volume 114 Number 1 (March 27, 2000)
  • A. GITTENBERGER, J. GOUD and E. GITTENBERGER. Epitonium (Gastropoda: Epitoniidae) associated with mushroom corals (Scleractinia: Fungiidae) from Sulawesi, Indonesia, with the description of four new species: 1–13
  • M. J. DEMAINTENON. A new species of Columbella (Neogastropoda: Columbellidae) from the Caribbean Neogene: 14–17
  • B. A. MARSHALL and K. W. BURCH. The New Zealand Recent species of Muricopsis Bucquoy, Dautzenberg and Dollfus, 1882 (Gastropoda: Muricidae): 18–29
  • Notices

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