A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 118 (2004)

Volume 118 Number 4 (December 21, 2004)

  • N. E. ARDILA and Á. VALDÉS. The genus Armina (Gastropoda: Nudibranchia: Arminidae) in the southern Caribbean, with the description of a new species: 131–138
  • F. J. GARCÍA and J. S. TRONCOSO. A new species of the genus Anetarca Gosliner, 1991 (Gastropoda: Opistobranchia: Facelinidae) from the western Atlantic Ocean: 139–143
  • P. C. ZALVIDE, V. URGORRI and F. J. GARCÍA. Two new species of Leptochiton Gray, 1847 (Polyplacophora) from the Iberian Peninsula (eastern Atlantic coast): 144–151
  • R. DUERR. Cirsotrema (Gastropoda: Ptenoglossa: Epitoniidae) in the Miocene Chipola Formation of northwestern Florida: 152–156
  • G. J. VERMEIJ and G. S. HERBERT. A new species of Stramonita (Gastropoda: Muricidae) from the Late Pliocene of Florida: 157–159
  • L. R. L. SIMONE and D. G. ZELAYA. A new Orbitestella (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia: Orbitestellidae) from Tierra del Fuego, Argentina: 160–166
  • C. F. ITUARTE. Sphaeriidae (Bivalvia) from Peruvian Amazon floodplains, with the description of Pisidium iquito new species: 167–174

  • Note
  • P. CALLOMON. Dates of publication of Yochiro Hirase’s Kai Chigusa: 175–176
Volume 118 Number 3 (October 4, 2004)
  • M. G. HARASEWYCH. New Columbariinae (Gastropoda: Turbinellidae) from the Indian Ocean: 93–102
  • M. GONZÁLEZ-WANGÜEMERT, A. PÉREZ-RUZAFA, M. J. ROSIQUE and A. ORTIZ. Genetic differentiation in two cryptic species of Ostreidae, Ostrea edulis (Linnaeus, 1758) and Ostreola stentina (Payraudeau, 1826) in Mar Menor Lagoon, southwestern Mediterranean Sea: 103–111
  • D. G. ZELAYA. The genus Margarella Thiele, 1893 (Gastropoda: Trochidae) in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean: 112–120
  • C. S. GALLARDO, C. MANQUE and M. FILÚN. Comparative resistance to starvation among early juveniles of some marine muricoidean snails: 121–126
  • E. C. DAVIS, K. E. PEREZ and D. J. BENNETT. Euglandina rosea (Férussac, 1821) is found on the ground and in trees in Florida: 127–128
  • G. CALADO. Rediscovery of the syntypes of Doriopsilla pelseneeri D’Oliveira, 1895: 129–130
Volume 118 Number 2 (June 29, 2004)
  • J. SLAPCINSKY and B. COLES. Revision of the genus Pilsbryna (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Gastrodontidae) and comments on the taxonomic status of Pilsbryna tridens Morrison, 1935: 55–70
  • R. H. COWIE, N. J. CAZZANIGA and M. GLAUBRECHT. The South American Mollusca of Johann Baptist Ritter von Spix and their publication by Johann Andreas Wagner: 71–87
  • S. N. NIELSEN. The genus Olivancillaria (Gastropoda: Olividae) in the Miocene of Chile: rediscovery of a senior synonym and description of a new species: 88–92
Volume 118 Number 1 (March 31, 2004)
  • M. G. HARASEWYCH and Y. I. KANTOR. The deep-sea Buccinoidea (Gastropoda: Neogastropoda) of the Scotia Sea and adjacent abyssal plains and trenches: 1–42
  • L. T. GROVES. New species of Late Cretaceous Cypraeidae (Gastropoda) from California and British Columbia and new records from the Pacific slope: 43–51
  • Book review: 52

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