A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 120 (2006)

Volume 120 Number 4 (December 15, 2006)

  • J. SLAPCINSKY. Paryphantopsis (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Charopidae) from the Louisiade Archipelago of New Guinea: 119–130
  • G. E. WALSH and B. F. COLES. Daedalochila lithica and Daedalochila dorfeuilliana (Gastropoda: Polygyridae) in Arkansas, USA: morphology, distribution, and habitat: 131–138
  • T. J. DEVRIES. The Neogene history of Prisogaster Mörch, 1850 (Gastropoda: Turbinidae) in South America: 139–149
  • M. DOMÍNGUEZ, F. J. GARCÍA, and J. S. TRONCOSO. A new species of Hoplodoris Bergh, 1880 (Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia: Nudibranchia) from the Atlantic Ocean: 150–155
  • F. BEN-AMI. First report of the invasive freshwater snail Tarebia granifera (Lamarck, 1816) (Gastropoda: Thiaridae) from Israel: 156-161
  • NOTICE: 162

Volume 120 Number 3 (September 22, 2006)
  • B. LANDAU and C. M. DA SILVA. The genus Scaphella (Gastropoda: Volutidae) in the Neogene of Europe and its paleobiogeographical implications: 81–93
  • M. G. HARASEWYCH and J. STRAUSS. A new record of introduced Cerion (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Cerionidae) in southeastern Florida: 94–100
  • T. J. DEVRIES, L. T. GROVES, and M. URBINA. A new early Miocene Muracypraea Woodring, 1957 (Gastropoda: Cypraeidae) from the Pisco Basin of southern Peru: 101–105
  • K. J. BUTKAS and M. L. OSTROFSKY. The status of unionid and dreissenid mussels (Bivalvia) in northwestern Pennsylvania inland lakes: 106–111
  • E. V. COAN and R. E. PETIT. Replacement names and type materials: examples from Hertlein and Strong (1940-1951) and Keen (1958): 112–115
  • J. H. LEAL. Book Review: The Mollusks: A Guide to Their Study, Collection, and Preservation: 116-117

Volume 120 Number 2 (July 28, 2006)
  • M. G. HARASEWYCH and G. R. SEDBERRY. Rediscovery, range extension, and redescription of Calliostoma torrei Clench and Aguayo, 1940 (Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda: Calliostomatidae): 39–44
  • D. L. GEIGER. Sasakiconcha elegantissima new genus and new species (Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda: Anatomidae?) with disjointly coiled base: 45–51
  • R. HOUART and C. M. HERTZ. A review of Typhisopsis and Typhisala (Gastropoda: Muricoidea) of the eastern Pacific: 52–65
  • R. L. SQUIRES and L. R. SAUL. New buccinoid gastropods from uppermost Cretaceous and Paleocene strata of California and Baja California, Mexico: 66–78
  • R. E. PETIT. Authorship of the Ovulidae (Gastropoda) of the Zoology of the Voyage of the Samarang: 79–80

Volume 120 Number 1 (May 30, 2006)
  • J. H. LEAL. Celebrating a long life: The Nautilus turns 120!: 1–7
  • N. MALCHUS. Amended description of the arcoid bivalve Philobrya brattstromi Soot-Ryen, 1957, from Chile: 8–14.
  • C. VILVENS and J. SELLANES. Descriptions of Otukaia crustulum new species (Gastropoda: Trochoidea: Calliostomatidae) and Margarites huloti new species (Gastropoda: Trochoidea: Trochidae) from a methane seep area off Chile: 15–20
  • F. G. THOMPSON. A new land snail of the genus Humboldtiana (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Humboldtianidae) from Nuevo León, Mexico: 21–24
  • F. G. THOMPSON and O. MEJÍA. Two new land snails of the genus Humboldtiana (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Humboldtianidae) from Chihuahua, Mexico: 25-29
  • W. W. OSWALD. Mollusks in a Holocene lake-sediment core from the Arctic Foothills of northern Alaska: 30–33
  • M. L. BOUDREAUX and L. J. WALTERS. Mytella charruana (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) a new, invasive bivalve in Mosquito Lagoon, Florida: 34–36
  • Notice: 37

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