A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 124 (2010)

Volume 124 Number 4 (December 14, 2010)

  • K. AMANO and S. KIEL. Taxonomy and distribution of fossil Archivesica (Bivalvia: Vesycomyidae) in Japan: 155-165
  • P. J. FALLON, JR. Descriptions and illustrations of some new and poorly known turrids of the tropical northwestern Atlantic. Part 1. Genera Buchema Corea, 1934 and Miraclathurella Woodring, 1928 (Gastropoda: Turridae: Crassispirinae): 166-174
  • V. PADULA and M. DELGADO. A new species of Cerberilla (Gastropoda: Nudibranchia: Aeolidiidae) from northeastern Brazil: 175-180
  • L. H. GILBERTSON and E. NARANJO-GARCÍA. A new species of Holospira (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Urocoptidae) from Coahuila, Mexico: 181-184
  • G. T. WATTERS and G. DUFFY. Rolleia oberi new species--first record of the genus from the Dominican Republic, with a lectotype designation of Cyclotus martensi Maltzan, 1888 (Gastropoda: Annulariidae): 185-187
  • H. BERTSCH. Las Conchas Azules (The Blue Shells): Father Kino, abalones, and the Island of California: 188-191
  • M. A. SNYDER, W. G. LYONS, and G. ROSENBERG. RESEARCH NOTE: The date of publication of section 16, corrigenda quaedam et addenda, of Dunker's Novitates malacologica, Series II, Marina Mollusca: 192-193
  • AUTHOR INDEX: 195-196
Volume 124 Number 3 (October 11, 2010)
  • F. CRISCIONE and F. P. PATTI. Similar shells are not necessarily a reliable guide to phylogeny: Rissoa guerinii Récluz, 1843, and Rissoa lia (Monterosato, 1884) (Gastropoda: Rissoidae): a case study: 117-128
  • M. WATKINS, P. S. CORNELI, D. HILLYARD, and B. OLIVERA. Molecular phylogeny of Conus chiangi (Azuma, 1972) ((Gastropoda: Conidae): 129-136
  • S. MONDAL, S. BARDAN, and D. SARKAR. Testability of the Energy Maximization Model (Kitchell et. al., 1981) of naticid predation on two bivalve prey from the eastern coast of India: 137-150
  • G. O. INTROÍNI, C. A. MAGALHÃES, and S. M. RECCO-PIMENTEL. RESEARCH NOTE: Chromosomal number of two species of bivalves: Brachidontes darwinianus (Mytilidae) and Isognomon bicolor (Isognomonidae): 151-153
Volume 124 Number 2 (July 7, 2010)
  • P. VALENTICH-SCOTT and C. SKOGLUND. A review of the Recent Pandoridae (Bivalvia) in the Panamic Province, with descriptions of three new species: 55-76
  • J. W. JONES and R. J. NEVES. Descriptions of a new species and a new subspecies of freshwater mussels, Epioblasma ahlstedti and Epioblasma florentina aureola (Bivalvia: Unionidae), in the Tennessee River drainage, USA: 77-92
  • A. ALF, P. MAESTRATI, and P. BOUCHET. New species of Bolma (Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda: Turbinidae) from the tropical deep sea: 93-99
  • B. L. BODAMER and M. L. OSTROFSKY. The use of aquatic plants by populations of the zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) (Bivalvia: Dreissenidae) in a small glacial lake: 100-106
  • C. VILVENS and J. SELLANES. Description of Calliostoma ceciliae new species (Gastropoda: Chilodontidae: Calliotropinae) from off Chile: 107-111
  • R. HOUART and R. MOFFITT. A new Scabrotrophon (Gastropoda: Muricidae) from Hawaii and discussion about the generic classification of Boreotrophon kamchatkanus Dall, 1902, a related species: 112-116
Volume 124 Number 1 (April 6, 2010)
  • J. S. BIGGS, M. WATKINS, P. S. CORNELI, and B. M. OLIVERA. Defining a clade by morphological, molecular, and toxinological criteria: distinctive forms related to Conus praecellens (Gastropoda: Conidae): 1-19
  • S. PANHA, C. SUTCHARIT, and D. N. CAN. An anatomical note on Moellendorffia eastlakeana, (Möllendorff, 1882), a camaenid land snail from Vietnam (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Camaenidae): 20-24
  • K. OVASKA, L. CHICHESTER, and L. SOPUCK. Terrestrial gastropods from Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands), British Columbia, including description of a new northern endemic slug (Gastropoda: Stylommatophora: Arionidae): 25-33
  • C. D. C. OLIVEIRA and T. H. MORALES. How the number of teeth may induce errors in the taxonomy of Nuculidae and Nuculanidae (Bivalvia): 34-40
  • R. E. PETIT, L. D. CAMPBELL, and S. C. CAMPBELL. A new species of Zeadmete (Gastropoda: Cancellariidae) from South Carolina, a genus previously unknown in the Atlantic Ocean: 41-43
  • M. A. FERNANDEZ, S. C. THIENGO, F. S. M. BEZERRA, and L. M. S. ALENCAR. Current distribution of the exotic freshwater snail Helisoma duryi (Gastropoda: Planorbidae) in Brazil: 44-50
  • F. ESPINOSA, G. A. RIVERA-INGRAHAM, J. C. GARCÍA-GÓMEZ. Early stages of development in the endangered limpet Patella ferruginea (Gastropoda: Patellidae): 51-53.
  • NOTICE: 54

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