A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 125 (2011)

Volume 125 Number 4 (December 16, 2011)

  • M. G. HARASEWYCH, M. SIKAROODI, and P. GILLEVET. The Delray Beach, Florida, colony of Cerion (Paracerion) tridentatum costellata Pilsbry, 1946 (Gastropoda: Cerionidae): Evidence for indirect Cuban origins: 173-181
  • F. G. THOMPSON. Mexistrophia, a new genus of Cerionidae from Mexico (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Urocoptoidea): 182-192
  • R. L. SQUIRES. New Cretaceous turbiniform vetigastropods (Gastropoda) from the Pacific slope of North America: 193-206
  • K. AMANO and H. ANDO. Giant fossil Acharax (Bivalvia: Solemyidae) from the Miocene of Japan: 207-212
  • S. GENTA-ITURRERÍA, M. GRIFFIN, and M. R. RAISING. Redescription of the genus Modiomytilus Griffin, 1990 (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) from Southern Patagonia with remarks on the paleobiogeography of the genus: 213-220
  • L. E. HARAM and J. T. CARLTON. Contribution to the biology and ecology of the spongivorous snail Cerithiopsis greeni (Gastropoda: Cerithiopsidae) in New England, USA: 221-227
  • A. C. VAN BRUGGEN and J. I. MEAD. Albert R. Mead, 1915-2009, noted American malacologist: 228-233
  • Notice: 234
  • Author Index: 235-236
Volume 125 Number 3 (September 1, 2011)
  • T. HØISAETER and D. L. GEIGER. Species of Anatoma (Gastropoda: Anatomidae) in Norwegian and adjacent waters, with the description of two new species: 89-112
  • K. E. PEREZ. A new species of Praticolella (Gastropoda: Polygyridae) from northeastern Mexico and revision of several species of this genus: 113-126
  • V. SCARABINO and F. SCARABINO. Ten new bathyal and abyssal species of Scaphopoda from the Atlantic Ocean: 127-136
  • R. L. SQUIRES. A new genus of Cretaceous margaritine gastropod (Turbinidae) from the northeastern Pacific Ocean: 137-149
  • J. ALVES and M. HAIMOVICI. Reproductive biology of Octopus tehuelchus d’Orbigny, 1834 (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae) in southern Brazil: 150-158
  • M. G. HARASEWYCH and R. E. PETIT. Two new species of Admetinae (Gastropoda: Cancellariidae) from the northeastern Pacific Ocean: 159-163
  • J. K. TUCKER and B. M. OLIVERA. A new species of Bathytoma (Gastropoda: Borsoniidae) from the Philippines: 164-166
  • E. F. GARCÍA. A new species of Eccliseogyra (Gastropoda: Nystiellidae) from southeastern Brazil: 167-170
  • A. E. BOGAN and D. V. TU. RESEARCH NOTE: Clarification of the authorship and date of publication of three Asian species of Unionidae (Bivalvia): 171-172
Volume 125 Number 2 (June 10, 2011)
  • L. T. GROVES. New species of Paleogene cypraeoideans (Gastropoda) from the Pacific slope of North America: 45-52
  • P. J. FALLON, JR. Descriptions and illustrations of some new and poorly known turrids (Gastropoda: Turridae) of the tropical northwestern Atlantic. Part 3. Genus Crassispira Swainson, 1840, subgenus Crassiclava McLean, 1971: 53-62
  • K. F. BENNETT, A. J. REED, and R. A. LUTZ. DNA barcoding reveals Brachidontes (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) from two ecologically distinct intertidal habitats on Long Key, Florida Keys, are cryptic species, not ecotypes: 63-71
  • R. E. PETIT and M. G. HARASEWYCH. A new Sveltia (Gastropoda: Cancellariidae) from off Guadeloupe, French West Indies: 72-74
  • J. D. TAYLOR, E. A. GLOVER, and P. VALENTICH-SCOTT. Not a “living fossil:” the eastern Pacific bivalve Tellidorella belongs with Lucinidae, not Cardiniidae: 75-78
  • C. ALDEA, D. G. ZELAYA, and J. S. TRONCOSO. A new gigantic species of Zeidora Adams, 1860 from Antarctic waters (Gastropoda: Fissurellidae): 79-82
  • T. A. PEARCE and K. A. PORTER. Do Philomycus carolinianus (Gastropoda: Philomycidae) prefer to congregate?: 83-85
  • E. V. COAN, R. E. PETIT, and D. G. ZELAYA. Authorship and date of a key South American paper by Phillip P. King (1832): 86-88
Volume 125 Number 1 (March 24, 2011)
  • A. WARÉN, T. NAKANO, and J. SELLANES. A new species of Iothia (Gastropoda: Lepetidae) from Chilean methane seeps, with comments on the accompanying gastropod fauna: 1-14
  • P. J. FALLON, JR. Descriptions and illustrations of some new and poorly known turrids (Turridae) of the tropical northwestern Atlantic. Part 2. Genus Crassispira Swainson, 1840 subgenera Monilispira Bartsch and Rehder, 1939 and Dallspira Bartsch, 1950: 15-28
  • K. AMANO and R.G. JENKINS. New fossil Bathymodiolus (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) from Oligocene seep-carbonates in eastern Hokkaido, Japan, with remarks on the evolution of the genus: 29-35
  • T. KUNZE. Dillwynella voightae new species, a new skeinemorph gastropod (Turbinidae) from the western Atlantic and a new record of Dillwynella modesta (Dall, 1889): 36-40
  • A. E. BOGAN, J. BOWERS-ALTMAN, and M. E. RALEY. The first confirmed record of the Chinese Pond Mussel (Sinanodonta woodiana) (Bivalvia: Unionidae) in the United States: 41-43
  • ERRATA: 44

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