A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 31 (1917–1918)

Volume 31 Number 4 (May 5, 1918)
  • H. H. WHEELER. The Mollusca of Clark County, Arkansas: 109–125
  • H. A. PILSBRY. Descriptions of new species of Mopalia and Trachydermon: 125–127
  • A. E. ORTMANN. The identity of the nayad-genus Nodularia Conrad with Unio retzius: 128–131
  • S. C. WHEAT. The genus Elysiella (Verrill or Bergh?): 131–133
  • T. D. A. COCKERELL. Helix nemoralis at Knoxville, Tennessee: 133–134
  • G. WILLETT. Description of a new Pandora of the subgenus Kennerlyia from Forrester Island, Alaska: 134–135
  • Anonymous. Louis Pope Gratacap: 135–136
  • C. W. JOHNSON. Henry W. Winkley: 136–137
  • D. K. GREGER. Francis Asbury Sampson: 137–139
  • Publications received: 140–143
  • Notes: 144
Volume 31 Number 3 (January 14, 1918)
  • G. H. CLAPP. New southern forms of Carychium and Thysanophora: 73–75
  • A. E. ORTMANN. The anatomy of two African nayades, Unio caffer and Spatha wahlbergi: 75–78
  • H. A. PILSBRY. A new Cuban Zachrysia: 78–79
  • H. A. PILSBRY. ReichenbachÂ’s Zoologie: 79–81
  • F. C. BAKER. Further notes on the Mollusca of Oneida Lake, New York; The mollusks of Lower South Bay: 81–93
  • H. A. PILSBRY and J. H. FERRISS. New land shells from California and Nevada: 93–95
  • T. S. OLDROYD. A summerÂ’s collection at Friday Harbor, Washington: 95–99
  • H. A. PILSBRY and E. L. BRYAN. Notes on some Hawaiian species of Drupa and other shells: 99–102
  • E. P. CHACE. List of shells collected at Anaheim Bay and vicinity: 103–105
  • L. D. THOMPSON. A home made vivarium: 105–106
  • Notes: 107–108
Volume 31 Number 2 (October 18, 1917)
  • E. P. CHACE. Notes on the variation of Ischnochiton conspicuus Cpr.: 37–40
  • W. A. MARSHALL. Lampsilis ventricosa cohongoronta in the Potomac River: 40–41
  • J. B. HENDERSON. Collecting days about the Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba: 41–44
  • H. A. PILSBRY. Amnicolidae from Oneida Lake, N. Y.: 44–46
  • L. S. FRIERSON. New genera and species of Central American naiades: 47–49
  • L. S. FRIERSON. On the rate of growth of pond unios: 49–50
  • H. A. PILSBRY. A new South African Nesopupa: 50–51
  • B. WALKER. A new Gundlachia from Guatemala: 51–53
  • B. WALKER. A list of shells from the East Coast of Florida: 53–57
  • L. D. THOMPSON. Collecting in Digby, Nova Scotia: 57–58
  • A. E. ORTMANN. A new type of the nayad-genus Fusconaia group of F. Barnesiana Lea: 58–64
  • A. RICHARDS. Note on the relation of snail fauna to floods: 64–68
  • Anonymous. William Bullock Clark: 68–69
  • Publications received: 69–71
  • Notes: 71–72
Volume 31 Number 1 (July 14, 1917)
  • B. WALKER. A revision of the classification of the North American patelliform Ancylidae, with descriptions of new species: 1–10
  • W. H. DALL. A new species of Astarte from Alaska: 10–12
  • W. H. DALL. Notes on boreal land and freshwater shells: 12–13
  • I. S. OLDROYD. A new Californian Sigaretus: 13
  • S. S. BERRY. A new Sonorella from Arizona: 14–15
  • T. VAN HYNING. The distinctive characters of Lampsilis minor and L. villosa: 15–16
  • R. J. GILMORE. Notes on reproduction and growth in certain viviparous mussels of the family Sphaeriidae: 16–30
  • J. H. FERRISS. Collecting shells in a corner of the Sierra Nevada: 31–34
  • W. H. DALL. Mrs. Maria Baldridge: 34
  • Publications received: 34–35
  • Notes: 35–36

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