A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 49 (1935–1936)

Volume 49 Number 4 (May 1, 1936)
  • E. A. ANDREWS. Notes on growth of a Jamaican slug: 107–109
  • H. A. PILSBRY. A new Polygyra from Florida: 109
  • H. A. PILSBRY. The eastern limit of Sonorella: 109–110
  • J. ZETEK and R. A. MCLEAN. Hiata, a new genus of the family Pholadidae from the Pacific at Panama, with description of a new species: 110–111
  • W. J. CLENCH. A new Cerion from the Bahamas: 112–113
  • A. H. NORTON. The status of Pomatia aspersa (Müller) in Maine: 113–114
  • S. T. BROOKS. West Virginian Carychiidae in the Carnegie Museum Collection-1936: 115
  • R. A. MCLEAN. Some marine bivalves from the Bahama [sic] Islands: 116–119
  • B. SHIMEK. Comparative studies of loess and recent mollusks II: 119–127
  • F. C. BAKER. New Lymnaeidae from the United States and Canada. II. Michigan, Minnesota and Montana: 127–130
  • H. G. RICHARDS. Some shells from the North Carolina “Banks”: 130–134
  • H. A. PILSBRY and J. HENDERSON. Polygyra columbiana depressa, new subspecies from Oregon: 134
  • M. SMITH. New Tertiary shells from Florida: 135–139
  • W. J. CLENCH. Leopoldo A. Faustino: 139
  • Anon. The sixth annual meeting of the American Malacological Union: 139–140
  • Notes: 140–142
  • Publications received: 142
Volume 49 Number 3 (January 30, 1936)
  • B. SHIMEK. Comparative studies of loess and recent mollusks: 71–73
  • C. GOODRICH. Notes on Philippine freshwater mollusks: 73–79
  • H. VAN DER SCHALIE. Transposed hinge teeth of North American naiads: 79–84
  • J. HENDERSON. Physa ampullacea Gould, Physa nuttallii Lea and Physa columbiana Hemphill: 85–87
  • R. A. MCLEAN. A new deep-water Lucina from off Maryland: 87
  • W. J. CLENCH and A. F. ARCHER. A new species of Papuina with notes on P. tayloriana: 88–91
  • W. J. CLENCH and C. G. AGUAYO. A new Pleistocene Mecoliotia from Cuba: 91–93
  • J. BEQUAERT and W. J. CLENCH. Studies of African land and fresh-water mollusks, X.-Gulella pumilio (Gould) and two species confused with it: 93–97
  • H. A. PILSBRY and E. G. VANATTA. Three Mexican Euglandinas: 97–98
  • E. G. VANATTA. Two new Jamaican land shells: 98–99
  • E. G. VANATTA. A new subspecies of Zonitoides (Ventridens) suppressa (Say): 99–100
  • H. A. PILSBRY. Land shells from Texas and New Mexico: 100–102
  • H. A. REHDER. The type of Polygyra Say: 102–103
  • Notes: 103–106
  • Publications received: 106
Volume 49 Number 2 (November 8, 1935)
  • H. E. VOKES. Rate of migration of Crepidula convexa Say: 37–39
  • W. HARRIS. Cypraea tigris Linné in the Hawaiian Islands: 39–41
  • T. IREDALE. Fatal case of attack by cone: 41
  • G. WILLETT. Some superfluous names in west American chitons: 42–44
  • B. SHIMEK. Ferrissia in the lake region of Iowa: 44–46
  • F. C. BAKER. The generic position of Planorbis umbilicatellus with the description of a new group of Planorbidae: 46–48
  • E. P. and E. M. CHACE. A new variety of Monadenia fidelis from Curry County, Oregon: 48–49
  • W. J. CLENCH. A new species of Cerion from Long Island, Bahamas, and a note on Cerion milleri (Pfeiffer): 49–50
  • W. J. CLENCH and C. G. AGUAYO. A new Jamaican Poteria: 51
  • H. B. BAKER. Jamaican land snails, 6: 52–58
  • C. H. BLAKE. Young stages of Discus alternatus: 58
  • H. D. RUSSELL. Some nudibranchs of Bermuda, with a description of a new species: 59–61
  • I. C. ROBERTSON. The fifth annual meeting of the American Malacological Union: 62–63
  • C. M. GAY. Warren H. Eshnaur: 63–64
  • Notes and news: 64–69
  • Publications received: 69-70
Volume 49 Number 1 (July 22, 1935)
  • P. BONNOT. A recent introduction of exotic species of mollusks into California waters from Japan: 1–2
  • E. A. ANDREWS. Spirally ridged eggshell of Pleurodonte, with notes on the rapid growth of a land snail: 2–6
  • B. SHIMEK. The habitats of Iowa succineas: 6–10
  • F. C. BAKER and S. T. BROOKS. New species and races of Lymnaeidae from Newfoundland: 10–13
  • I. S. OLDROYD. Two new west American species of Nuculanidae: 13–14
  • G. WILLETT. Three new micrariontas from the central Colorado Desert, California: 14–16
  • H. A. PILSBRY and A. A. OLSSON. New mollusks from the Panamic Province: 16–19
  • A. F. ARCHER. A new species of Polygyra from Arkansas: 19–20
  • H. B. BAKER. Jamaican land snails, 5: 21–27
  • L. G. HERTLEIN. Notes on the Pectinidae of Hawaii: 27–29
  • L. G. HERTLEIN. Physa ampullacea ‘Gould’ Binney: 30–32
  • T. WILLARD. Boston Malacological Club: 32–34
  • Notes and news: 34–36
  • Publications received: 37

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