A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 50 (1936–1937)

Volume 50 Number 4 (May 4, 1937)
  • R. E. ANDREWS. Secondary sex organs and taxonomy in the Neritidae: 109–113
  • F. C. BAKER. Mollusca from the Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan: 113–117
  • A. F. ARCHER. Civilization and land mollusks in Ohio: 117–121
  • G. WILLETT. Micrariontas of the southwestern Colorado Desert: 122–125
  • L. S. RUSSELL. Early Tertiary Mollusca from Wyoming: 125–130
  • B. G. CHITWOOD and M. B. CHITWOOD. Snails as hosts and carriers of nematodes and nematomorpha: 130–135
  • A. F. GRAY. Bibliography of William Greene Binney: 135–140
  • Notes and news: 140–144
Volume 50 Number 3 (January 29, 1937)
  • A. G. SMITH. The type locality of Oreohelix strigosa (Gould): 73–77
  • W. M. INGRAM. The family Cypraeidae in the Hawaiian Islands: 77–82
  • C. GOODRICH. Goniobasis columbiensis Whiteaves: 82–84
  • H. A. PILSBRY. A Californian Pomatiopsis: 84–85
  • W. J. CLENCH. Onchidium (Onchidella) floridanum Dall: 85–86
  • F. BAKER. Notes on Ischnochiton ophioderma and Milneria kelseyi: 86
  • S. S. BERRY. Land snails of Kadiak: 87–88
  • J. M. OSTERGAARD. Distribution of fossil oysters of Hawaii: 88–89
  • S. NOMURA and K. HATAI. A note on the fossil marine fauna dredged from the Japanese Seas: 89–95
  • D. MERRIMAN. The occurrence of Tethys willcoxi in New England waters, and another record for this locality: 95–97
  • S. T. BROOKS. The West Virginian Pupillidae in the Carnegie Museum: 97–98
  • A. F. GRAY. Bibliography of William G. Binney: 98–100
  • Notes and news: 100–107
  • Publications received: 107–108
Volume 50 Number 2 (October 29, 1936)
  • F. HARPER. The distribution of the Limpkin and its staple food, Pomacea: 37–40
  • J. HENDERSON. Helisoma ammon (Gould): 41–42
  • A. M. KEEN. Edgar Allen Poe’s conchological text: 42–44
  • W. J. EYERDAM. The distribution of Melania and Neritina in the British Solomon Islands: 44–46
  • H. E. VOKES. The gastropod fauna of the intertidal zone at Moss Beach, San Mateo County, California: 46–50
  • W. M. INGRAM. A reduction of Cyprea annae Roberts and Cyprea polita Roberts to synonomy with Cyprea semiplota Mighels: 51–52
  • W. J. CLENCH. A new subspecies of Papuina with records of land mollusks from eastern Papua and associated islands: 53–54
  • L. G. HERTLEIN. Three new sections and rectifications of some specific names in the Pectinidae: 54–58
  • C. GOODRICH. Bryant Walker, 1856–1936: 59–64
  • A. M. STRONG and E. M. CHACE. Herbert Nelson Lowe: 64–66
  • T. WILLARD. Boston Malacological Club: 66–67
  • W. O. GREGG. Some erroneous and misleading records on occurrence of shells of the Helminthoglypta cuyamacensis group: 67–69
  • Notes and news: 69–72
Volume 50 Number 1 (July 14, 1936)
  • P. L. MCGINTY. A canoe trip in the Ten Thousand Islands to collect Liguus: 1–8
  • H. E. J. BIGGS. Collecting Mollusca on the Iranian Plateau: 8–13
  • S. T. BROOKS. Some mollusks from Utah: 13–14
  • D. MCCONNELL. Notes on Helix nemoralis at Lexington, Virginia: 15–16
  • H. VAN DER SCHALIE. Ovoviviparity among mollusks: 16–19
  • H. A. PILSBRY and C. N. GRIMSHAWE. Oxystyla undata undata in Florida: 19–20
  • M. SMITH. New Tertiary shells from Florida: 20–22
  • R. E. COATS. Corbicula cowlitzensis Weaver: 23–24
  • L. G. HERTLEIN. Three new sections and rectifications of some specific names in the Pectinidae: 24–28
  • H. A. PILSBRY. Bryant Walker, 1856–1936: 28
  • H. A. PILSBRY. John Henry Gatliff: 28
  • H. A. PILSBRY. Herbert N. Lowe: 28
  • Notes and news: 28–31
  • Publications received: 31–33
  • I. C. ROBERTSON. The sixth annual meeting of the American Malacological Union: 33–36

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