A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 55 (1941–1942)

Volume 55 Number 4 (May 7, 1942)
  • DR. F. HAAS. The habits of life of some West Coast bivalves: 109–113
  • A. SORENSEN. Collecting in Mexico: 113–115
  • C. GOODRICH. Observations upon a Florida form of Viviparus: 115–118
  • C. GOODRICH. Certain remarks about labels: 119–120
  • J. W. DURHAM. Four new gastropods from the Gulf of California: 120–125
  • C. COTTAM. Supplementary notes on the food of the limpkin: 125–128
  • K. W. PALMER. Notes on the name Litiopa melanostoma Rang and distribution of the species: 128–130
  • F. C. BAKER. A new Gyraulus from the Pleistocene of California and a new Parapholyx from a supposed Pliocene deposit in Oregon: 130–132
  • W. J. EYERDAM. Excursions to Lake Baical: 133–139
  • Ida Shepard Oldroyd: 140–141
  • Notes and news: 141–144
Volume 55 Number 3 (January 12, 1942)
  • W. J. CLENCH. A remarkable development of pseudosculpture on a bivalve: 73–77
  • M. MOORE, M.D. A psychiatrist¬ís note on shells: 75
  • T. BAYER. Observations on Mitra florida Gould: 78–80
  • H. D. RUSSELL. Observations on the feeding of Aeolidia papillosa L., with notes on the hatching of the veligers of Cuthona amoena A. & H.: 80–82
  • H. D. RUSSELL. The American species of Viviparus: 82–92
  • D. S. and E. W. GIFFORD. Olivella pycna: 92–93
  • A. CARCELLES. First record of Bartlettia in Paraguay: 93–94
  • A. F. ARCHER. Pine woods as adequate habitat types for land Mollusca: 94–97
  • P. L. MARSH. Zo√∂genetes harpa (Say) in the Rocky Mountains: 97–98
  • W. M. INGRAM. Food habits of Haplotrema minimum Ancey and habits of associated mollusks on the Mills College campus: 98–102
  • Notes and news: 102–107
  • Publications received: 107–108
Volume 55 Number 2 (October 24, 1941)
  • J. S. SCHWENGEL. A genus and family of marine mollusks new to the United States: 37-40
  • T. C. YEN. Notes on the genus Lagochilus Blanford, with special reference to its Chinese species: 40-43
  • T. BAYER. Notes on Florida Mollusca, with descriptions of two new varieties: 43-46
  • A. M. STRONG. Notes on Epitonium (Nitidoscala) tinctum (Carpenter): 46-47
  • T. BURCH. A survey of the West American Aligenas with a description of a new species: 48-51
  • H. B. BAKER. Outline of American Oleacininae and new species from Mexico: 51-61
  • G. R. WEBB. The Michigan Arion circumscriptus colony: 61
  • Publications received: 62-64
  • Notes and news: 64-80
  • I. C. ROBERTSON. The eleventh annual meeting of the American Malacological Union: 70-72
Volume 55 Number 1 (July 11, 1941)
  • DR. V. D. P. SPICER. Shells from Midway: 1–2
  • F. HARPER. Further notes on the food of the limpkin: 3–4
  • A. F. ARCHER. The land Mollusca of Coosa County, Alabama: 4–10
  • D. S. and E. W. GIFFORD. Color variation in Olivella biplicata: 10–12
  • W. M. INGRAM. Utilization of stones for shelter by land snails: 13–16
  • F. C. BAKER. A new race of Parapholyx effusa: 16–17
  • S. T. CHEN. A new species of fresh water mollusk from China: 17–18
  • W. J. EYERDAM. Lymnea auricularia Linnaeus in western Washington and Kamchatka: 18–19
  • DR. T. HAAS. What is Anodonta (Euphrata) bahlikiana Pallary?: 20–21
  • G. K. MACMILLAN. Notes on Anguispira and Discus: 21–23
  • H. B. BAKER. Puerto Rican Oleacinicae: 24–30
  • Notes and news: 30–33
  • Publications received: 34–36

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