A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 57 (1943–1944)

Volume 57 Number 4 (May 15, 1944)
  • W. O. GREGG. Notes on land slugs of Los Angeles and Orange Counties, California: 109–115
  • P. BARTSCH. Burchia, a new genus of turrids: 115–116
  • P. BARTSCH. Taxonomic headaches: 116–118
  • H. A. PILSBRY. Peruvian land Mollusca-II: 118–127
  • G. K. MACMILLAN. Vertigo parvula Sterki: 127–129
  • G. K. MACMILLAN. A small collection of land shells from Nebraska: 130–132
  • G. K. MACMILLAN. An overlooked description of a North American gastropod: 132–133
  • M. K. JACOBSON. A molluscan mass grave: 133–135
  • W. M. INGRAM. Snails hoarded by Blarina at Ithaca, New York: 135–137
  • W. M. INGRAM. Shell cleaning and epiphragm removal by Triodopsis albolabris (Say): 138–141
  • Notes and news: 141–144
Volume 57 Number 3 (February 9, 1944)
  • D. S. and E. W. GIFFORD. Californian Olivellas: 73–80
  • W. M. INGRAM. Tropical central Pacific Cypraeidae: 81–86
  • H. A. PILSBRY and A. A. OLSSON. A west American Julia: 86–87
  • H. A. PILSBRY. New Peruvian land mollusks: 87–88
  • H. A. PILSBRY and A. A. OLSSON. A Venezuelan species of Fossula: 89
  • D. NICOL. Observations on Pseudomonotis, a Late Paleozoic pelecypod: 90–92
  • S. T. BROOKS and H. B. HERRINGTON. The Sphaeriidae, a preliminary survey: 93–97
  • H. A. REHDER. A new Vitrinella from Maryland: 97
  • G. K. MACMILLAN. The �Apertural Ridge� in Bulimulus: 98–99
  • M. K. JACOBSON. Variations of Spissula solidissima Dillwyn: 100–104
  • Notes and news: 105–108
Volume 57 Number 2 (October 30, 1943)
  • M. E. BOURGEOIS. Another specimen of Xenophora robusta: 37
  • H. A. PILSBRY. Floridan [sic] species of Rimula: 37–40
  • H. A. PILSBRY. Typhis fordi, a new Bahaman [sic] muricid mollusk: 40
  • W. J. EYERDAM. Collecting shells in the Solomon Islands: 41–42
  • G. R. WEBB. Abundance-areas of Mesodon pennsylvanicus (Green): 42–45
  • O. O. NYLANDER. Marl deposits in Bonaventure, north of Bay Chaleur, Quebec, Canada, and in Houlton, Maine: 45–46
  • J. P. E. MORRISON. A new type of fresh water clam from British Guiana: 46–52
  • M. R. CARRIKER. Variability, developmental changes, and denticle-replacement in the radula of Lymnaea stagnalis appressa Say: 52–59
  • M. SMITH. New species of Cerion, Nenia and Drymaeus: 59–62
  • P. BARTSCH and H. A. REHDER. Notes on the names Poteria, Ptychocochlis, and Aperostoma: 62–64
  • W. J. CLENCH. Papuina gartneriana Pfeiffer: 64–66
  • Notes and news: 66–72
  • Publications received: 72
Volume 57 Number 1 (July 23, 1943)
  • A. SORENSEN. Traveling and collecting in Mexico: 1–5
  • R. W. D. DEXTER. Observations on the local movements of Littorina litorea (L.) and Thais lapillus (L.): 6–8
  • L. E. NOLAND and E. REICHEL. Life cycle of Lymnaea stagnalis completed at room temperature without access to air: 8–13
  • J. P. E. MORRISON. Two new Orinoco unionids, with notes on Unio granadensis Lea and U. patulus Lea: 14–16
  • T. IREDALE. A new Amphidromus from Burma: 16
  • W. J. CLENCH. Helicostyla from the Talaud Islands, Molucca Islands, East Indies: 17–19
  • S. CHEN. Two new genera, two new species, and two new names of Chinese Melaniidae: 19–21
  • W. M. INGRAM. Comments on F. A. Schilder�s �Cypraeacea from Hawaii,� and Schilder and Schilder�s �Prodome of a Monograph on Living Cypraeidae.�: 22–27
  • H. A. REHDER. Two new species of Drymaeus from Mexico: 28–29
  • Notes and news: 29–35
  • E. M. CHACE. Mrs. W. H. Eshnaur, 1862–1943: 35–36

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