A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 61 (1947–1948)

Volume 61 Number 4 (May 24, 1948)
  • W. G. FARGO. New Vexillum and Aesopus from the Pliocene of St. Petersburg, Florida: 109–112
  • D. WILSON. Notes on Perplicaria Dall and its systematic position: 112–114
  • C. B. WURTZ and A. HARBISON. An aid to the description of recent and fossil Gastropoda: 114–119
  • Y. KONDO. Anatomy of Diplomorpha delatouri (Hartman) and four species of Placostylus (Pulmonata, Bulimulidae): 119–126
  • M. R. MATTESON. The taxonomic and distributional history of the fresh-water mussel Elliptio complanatus (Dillwyn, 1817): 127–132
  • R. C. FLIPSE. A mixed colony of Cepaea nemoralis and Cepaea hortensis on Long Island, New York: 132–133
  • H. DODGE. Lamarck’s Prodrome d’une nouvelle classification des coquilles (continued): 134–143
  • Notes and news: 143–144
Volume 61 Number 3 (March 2, 1948)
  • J. GARDNER. Bringing in the Trochus in the Palau Islands: 73–75
  • R. T. ABBOTT. A new genus and species of Philippine Amnicolidae :75–80
  • C. B. WURTZ. Some land snails from West Virginia with description of a new species: 80–89
  • J. D. PARKER. A new Cassis and other mollusks from the Chipola Formation: 90–95
  • E. A. ANDREWS. Achatina achatina (L.) lays its eggs: 95–96
  • G. R. WEBB. Comparative observations on the mating of certain triodopsinae: 97–103
  • J. M. ROSS. A new record for Zoögenetes harpa (Say): 103–104
  • Notes and news: 104–107
  • Publications received: 107–108
Volume 61 Number 2 (December 18, 1947)
  • D. KIMBALL. A new Pleurodonte from the Miocene, Bowden Jamaica: 37–39
  • P. R. BURCH. Polygyra virginiana, a new species from Virginia: 40–41
  • J. R. HELFER. Cowry hunting on Cebu Island: 42–44
  • K. V. W. PALMER. Notes on Costacallista encymata (Dall): 44–47
  • A. H. VERRILL. Additions to the mollusca of Lake Worth, Florida: 47–48
  • W. M. INGRAM and A. PETERSON. Food of the giant western slug, Ariolimax columbianus (Gould): 49–51
  • W. M. INGRAM and K. W. KENYON. Anodonta and associated mollusks from Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California: 51–53
  • M. SMITH. A recent Perplicaria and other new Panamic marine shells: 53–56
  • The American Malacological Union thirteenth annual meeting: 56–60
  • H. DODGE. Lamarck’s Prodrome d’une nouvelle classification des coquilles: 60–70
  • Notes and news: 70–72
Volume 61 Number 1 (July 14, 1947)
  • R. C. ALEXANDER. Fresh water mollusks of Cape May Point, New Jersey: 1–3
  • R. C. ALEXANDER. Report of the land mollusks of Cape May, N. J. (continued): 4–6
  • H. J. VAN CLEAVE, A. G. WRIGHT and C. W. NIXON. Preliminary observations on reproduction in the molluscan genus Musculium: 6–11
  • C. B. WURTZ. A new subgenus, Paeniscutalus, and the anatomy of its type species: 11–16
  • W. M. INGRAM and H. TRAPIDO. Cypraea cervinetta Kiener and Cypraea arabicula Lamarck: 16–19
  • H. A. REHDER. A new species of Naticarius from Florida: 19–20
  • H. B. HERRINGTON. Acella haldemani in Ontario, Canada: 20–25
  • J. P. E. MORRISON. Notes on the genus Probythinella (Hydrobiidae): 25–28
  • J. P. E. MORRISON. Notes on the Philippine snail, Viviparus burroughianus Lea: 29–30
  • Notes and news: 30–36
  • Publications received: 36

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