A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 62 (1948–1949)

Volume 62 Number 4 (June 8, 1949)
  • R. J. DRAKE. A new species of Oreohelix, subgenus Radiocentrum, from southeastern Chihuahua: 109–112
  • J. C. BEQUAERT. Three new South American land snails (Strophocheilus, Thaumastus, Drymaeus): 113–115
  • F. A. SCHILDER. The variation of banding in Cepaea: 116–119
  • A. KAY. Some edible mollusks of Kauai, Hawaiian Islands: 119–121
  • H. A. REHDER. Some land and freshwater mollusks from the coastal region of Virginia and North and South Carolina: 121–126
  • N. T. MATTOX. Notes on the distribution of some terrestrial gastropods in western Puerto Rico: 126–128
  • R. G. LINDEBORG. Some snail records from the Quetico Provincial Park of Ontario: 128–131
  • W. M. INGRAM and C. HAND. Feeding of Ariolimax columbianus (Gould) on the Californian bay fruit: 131–135
  • F. HAAS. Some land and freshwater mollusks from Guatemala: 136–138
  • A. SORENSEN. Some observations on Haliotidae (abalones) and their world distribution: 138–152
  • Notes and news: 142–143
  • Publications received: 143–145
  • To subscribers: 145
Volume 62 Number 3 (March 18, 1949)
  • R. T. ABBOTT. A new Florida species of the Tectibranch genus Pleurobranchus: 73–78
  • M. K. JACOBSON. In Pinar Del Rio, a collecting trip: 78–86
  • W. M. INGRAM. Natural History observations on Philomycus carolinianus (Bosc): 86–90
  • C. B. WURTZ. Some snail records from southeastern Ohio: 91–93
  • R. J. DRAKE. Mollusca of the Eastern Basin of the Chaco River, New Mexico: 94–97
  • J. S. SCHWENGEL. A new Japanese limpet: 97–98
  • L. HUBRICHT. Notes on the Polygyridae of northern Arkansas: 98–99
  • H. A. PILSBRY. New species of Isomeria and Helicina: 99–101
  • Notes and news: 101–106
  • Publications received: 106–108
Volume 62 Number 2 (December 8, 1948)
  • A. W. SORENSON. A collecting trip in Mexico: 37–40
  • R. W. JACKSON. New subspecies of Helicostyla from Mindoro, and of Polygyra from Florida: 40–41
  • A. B. LEONARD. Five new Yarmouthian planorbid snails: 41–47
  • R. I. JOHNSON. A new naiad from Dutch New Guinea: 47–48
  • R. I. JOHNSON. Lectotypes for two species of Asiatic Unionidae in the genus Pseudodon: 48–51
  • D. S. and E. W. GIFFORD. Oregonian Olivellas: 51–54
  • E. A. ANDREWS. Growth of young Strophocheilus oblongus: 54–57
  • K. HATAI and S. NISIYAMA. Neogene Cypraeacea from Chiba Prefecture, Japan: 57–66
  • P. BARTSCH. Biology, taxonomy, and nomenclature: 66–69
  • R. D. TURNER. William Henry Fluck, 1870–1948: 69–70
  • Notes and news: 71–72
  • Publications received: 72
Volume 62 Number 1 (July 22, 1948)
  • A. H. VERRILL. The status of Strombus samba Clench: 1–3
  • H. VAN DER SCHALIE and E. G. BERRY. Aquatic pulmonates from Lake Tahoe: 3–4
  • R. J. DRAKE. Mollusca of the Eastern Basin of the Chaco River, New Mexico: 5–8
  • G. R. WEBB. The mating of Stenotrema fraternum (Say): 8–12
  • M. R. MATTESON. The taxonomic and distributional history of the fresh-water mussel Elliptio complanatus (Dillwyn, 1817) (continued): 13–17
  • W. M. INGRAM. Terraria observations on Prophysaon andersoni (J. G. Cooper): 17–19
  • H. W. HARRY. Notes on the foreign snails of Louisiana: 20–24
  • R. W. DEXTER. Current interest in malacology: 25–28
  • G. D. HANNA. Indiscriminate scattering of exotic mollusks: 29–31
  • R. T. ABBOTT. The spread and destructiveness of the giant African snail, Achatina fulica: 31–34
  • W. J. CLENCH. The Hirase collections of mollusks: 34–35
  • Notes and news: 36

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