A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 66 (1952–1953)

Volume 66 Number 4 (June 8, 1953)
  • N. T. MATTOX. A new species of Pleurobranchus from the Caribbean (Tectibranchiata): 109–114
  • L. HUBRICHT. Land snails of the southern Atlantic Coastal Plain: 114–125
  • M. K. JACOBSON. Congeria leucophaeata (Conrad) in the Hudson River: 125–127
  • R. A. HEILMAN and G. K. MACMILLAN. Revised list of mollusks from York County, Pennsylvania: 128–129
  • M. R. MATTESON. Fresh-water mussels used by Illinoian [sic] Indians of the Hopewell culture: 130–138
  • M. C. TESKEY. Imogene Strickler Robertson: 139–141
  • Notes and news: 142–143
  • Publications received: 143–144
Volume 66 Number 3 (February 2, 1953)
  • G. L. VOSS. Observations on a living specimen of Octopus hummelincki Adam: 73–76
  • M. M. TEARE. Murex bicolor Valenciennes in Florida: 76–77
  • H. A. PILSBRY. Fastigiella carinata Reeve, a little-known mollusk: 77–78
  • L. HUBRICHT. Three new species of Philomycidae: 78–80
  • H. VAN DER SCHALIE. Mollusks from an interglacial deposit (Sangamon ? Age) in Meade County, Kansas: 80–90
  • R. L. JOHNSON. A study of Lamarck’s types of Unionidae and Mutelidae (concluded): 90–95
  • H. A. REHDER. The position of “Xesta” cincta (Lea): 95–96
  • H. B. HERRINGTON and E. J. ROSCOE. Some Sphaeriidae of Utah: 97–98
  • H. A. PILSBRY and A. A. OLSSON. A Colombian Pomacea of the Effusa group: 98–99
  • M. K. JACOBSON. Ventridens in Staten Island, New York: 99–102
  • M. MOORE. Disposing of duplicate shells: 102–104
Volume 66 Number 2 (November 17, 1952)
  • A. B. LEONARD. New Gastropods from the Blanco formation (Nebraskan Age, Pleistocene) in Kansas: 37–45
  • L. HUBRICHT. Rafinesque’s slugs: 46–47
  • R. R. TALMADGE. A bristled Monadenia from California: 47–50
  • H. A. PILSBRY. Littoridina tenuipes (Couper): 50–54
  • R. C. ALEXANDER. Checklist of New Jersey land snails: 54–59
  • H. A. REHDER. The publications dates of Kobelt’s “Illustriertes Conchylienbuch”: 59–60
  • J. B. BURCH. A preliminary list of the Mollusca of Hanover County, Virginia: 60–63
  • R. I. JOHNSON. A study of Lamark’s types of Unionidae and Mutelidae: 63–67
  • M. C. TESKEY. Eighteenth Annual Meeting of the American Malacological Union: 67–69
  • Notes and news: 69–72
  • Publications received: 72
Volume 66 Number 1 (July 25, 1952)
  • H. A. PILSBRY and T. L. MCGINTY. Notes on Nesta (Laevinesta) atlantica, a Floridan [sic] fissurellid mollusk: 1–3
  • B. M. JOHNSON. Ciliary feeding in Pomacea paludosa (Say): 3–5
  • H. W. HARRY. Carychium exiguum Say of Lower Michigan; morphology, ecology, variation and life history (Gastropoda, Pulmonata): 5–7
  • H. D. RUSSELL. The Duxbury Bay 1950 set of Mya arenaria L.: 7–10
  • L. HUBRICHT. The land shells of Pittsylvania County, Virginia: 10–13
  • W. J. EYERDAM. Some land shells from Japan and the maritime province of Siberia: 13–15
  • M. K. JACOBSON. The shells of Pyramid Lake, Nevada: 15–17
  • G. GRAU. A new subspecies of Pecten (Plagioctenium) gibbus (Linné): 17–19
  • E. F. SWAN and J. R. FINUCANE. Observations on the genus Schizothaerus: 19–26
  • W. M. INGRAM. Thousands of living European snails sold as fish bait in state of Ohio: 26–29
  • H. A. REHDER. Harold John Finlay, 1901–1951: 30–31
  • W. J. CLENCH. William F. Clapp: 31
  • Notes and news: 31–34
  • Publications received: 34–36

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