A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 75 (1961–1962)

Volume 75 Number 4 (April 9, 1962)
  • A. A. OLSSON and D. R. MOORE. A neglected West Atlantic stromb: 127–128
  • R. ROBERTSON. The status of Strombus canaliculatus: 128–130
  • A. S. MERRILL. Variation and change in surface sculpture in Anomia aculeata: 131–138
  • R. G. WOODBRIDGE, III. Enhancement of latent shell fluorescence by glycerine: 138–139
  • R. T. PAINE. Reproduction of Olivella mutica: 139–142
  • H. B. BAKER. Puerto Rican oleacinoids: 142–145
  • P. F. BASCH. Radulae of North American ancylid snails. II. Subfamily Neoplanorbinae: 145–149
  • J. F. ALLEN. Gonad development and spawning of Brachidontes recurvus in Chesapeake Bay: 149–156
  • W. L. PARAENSE and N. DESLANDES. Australorbis albicans (Planorbidae): 156–161
  • J. DONOHUE and K. HARDCASTLE. X-ray diffraction examination of two forms of Oliva spicata: 162–165
  • J. Q. and R. L. BURCH. New species of Oliva from West Mexico: 165–166
  • Notes and news: 166
  • Publications received: iii
Volume 75 Number 3 (January 9, 1962)
  • H. J. and M. J. WELLS. The distinction between Acteocina candei and Retusa canaliculata: 87–93
  • A. S. MERRILL. Range extension for Cymatium caribbaeum, with a note on adventitious dispersal: 94–95
  • H. D. MURRAY. Arcidens confragosus and Proptera capax in Kansas: 95–97
  • P. F. BASCH. Radulae of North American ancylid snails. I. Subfamily Rhodacmeinae: 97–101
  • L. HUBRICHT. New species of Helicodiscus from the eastern United States: 102–107
  • V. ORR. Type of the genus Engina (Buccinidae): 107–109
  • H. A. REHDER. The status of Nucella Röding: 109–111
  • E. J. ROSCOE. Aggregations of the Terrestrial pulmonate Cionella lubrica: 111–115
  • H. B. BAKER. Puerto Rican Holopodopes: 116–121
  • D. WILSON. Julia Anna Gardner, 1882–1960: 122–123
  • Notes and news: 123–126
  • Publications received: iii
Volume 75 Number 2 (October 4, 1961)
  • T. Y. HO and A. B. LEONAR.D. Two new strobilopids from the Pleistocene of the high plains: 43–49
  • K. W. OCKELMANN. The status of Thyasira insignis, T. plana and T. inaequalis, all Verrill and Bush: 50–55
  • J. A. WEBER. Marine shells of Water Island, Virgin Is.: 55–60
  • L. HUBRICHT. Eight new species of land snails from the southern United States (Concluded): 60–64
  • H. B. BAKER. Puerto Rican Camaenidae: 64–67
  • J. B. HENRARD. Adult living specimen of Papuina ferussaci: 67–70
  • W. J. EYERDAM. An excursion to Lake Miragoane, Haiti: 71–75
  • A. MCCLARY. Apparent geotactic behavior in Physa: 75–79
  • D. S. DUNDEE and P. WATT. Louisiana land snails with new records: 79–83
  • M. C. TESKEY. The American Malacological Union: 83–84
  • Notes and news: 84–86
  • Publications received: 86, iii
Volume 75 Number 1 (July 3, 1961)
  • C. N. SHUSTER, JR. and W. T. BODE. Observations on Vasum globulus nuttingi, with comments on other Caribbean vase shells: 1–7
  • W. J. HARGIS, JR. and C. L. MACKENZIE, JR. Sexual behavior of the oyster drills: Eupleura caudata and Urosalpinx cinerea: 7–16
  • J. J. PARODIZ. Notes on Valvatidae from Early Tertiary of South America, with a new species: 16–18
  • J. Q. and R. L. BURCH. A new Capulus from Gulf of California: 19–20
  • R. ROBERTSON. A second western Atlantic Rissoella, and a list of the species in the Rissoellidae (Concluded): 21–26
  • L. HUBRICHT. Eight new species of land snails from the southern United States: 26–33
  • H. B. BAKER. Puerto Rican pupillids and clausilioids: 33–36
  • Jeanne Sanderson Schwengel, Sc. D., 1889–1961: 36–39
  • Notes and news: 39–41
  • Publications received: 41–42, iii

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