A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 77 (1963–1964)

Volume 77 Number 4 (April 14, 1964)
  • J. Q. and R. L. BURCH. A new species of Sinum from the Gulf of California: 109–110
  • J. Q. and R. L. BURCH. The genus Agaronia J. E. Gray, 1839: 110–112
  • J. B. HENRARD. Identification of Helix steursiana: 112–116
  • K. J. BOSS. Unionidae of Red Cedar River, Michigan: 117–118
  • J. P. E. MORRISON. Notes on American Melampidae: 119–121
  • W. M. INGRAM, L. KEUP and C. HENDERSON. Asiatic clams in Parker, Arizona: 121–125
  • G. R. HAMPSON. Redescription of a commensal pelecypod, Rochefortia cuneata, with notes on ecology: 125–128
  • E. MARCUS. A new species of Polycera (Nudibranchia) from California: 128–131
  • M. A. KLAPPENBACH. A new species of Olivancillaria from Uruguay and Brazil: 132–134
  • H. D. ATHEARN. Three new unionids from Alabama and Florida with a note on Lampsilis jonesi: 134–139
  • Notes and news: 139–143
  • Publications received: 143–144
Volume 77 Number 3 (January 7, 1964)
  • D. S. FRANZEN. Anatomy of the succineid gastropod Oxyloma haydeni: 73–81
  • S. J. TUTHILL and W. M. LAIRD. Molluscan fauna of some alkaline lakes and sloughs in southern central North Dakota (Continued): 81–90
  • W. K. EMERSON and W. E. OLD, JR. Additional records from Cocos Island: 90–92
  • D. NICOL. Lack of shell-attached pelecypods in Arctic and Antarctic waters: 92–93
  • E. J. ROSCOE and G. GROSSCUP. Mollusca from east Tavaputs Plateau, Grand Canyon, Utah: 93–97
  • M. K. JACOBSON. On Rhytidothyra jacobsoni Alcalde: 97–99
  • B. A. BRANSON. Records and two new species, Stenotrema abaddona and S. glassi, from Oklahoma: 100–105
  • Notes and news: 105–108, iii
  • Publications received: iii
Volume 77 Number 2 (October 5, 1963)
  • G. J. THOMAS. Study of a population of sphaeriid clams in a temporary pond: 37–43
  • E. J. ROSCOE. Some goniobases in western United States: 43–37
  • S. J. TUTHILL and W. M. LAIRD. Molluscan fauna of some alkaline lakes and sloughs in southern central North Dakota: 47–55
  • R. R. TALMADGE. Revision of a West African haliotid: 55–58
  • M. J. WHEELER. Type of Unio luteolus Lamarck, 1819: 58–61
  • L. HUBRICHT. Notes on the genus Discus: 62–63
  • W. H. HEARD. Reproductive features of Valvata: 64–68
  • A. S. MERRILL. Mollusks from a buoy off Georgia: 68–70
  • M. C. TESKEY. American Malacological Union. Twenty-ninth annual meeting: 70–72
  • Notes and news: 72
Volume 77 Number 1 (July 6, 1964)
  • J. Q. and R. L. BURCH. Genus Olivella in eastern Pacific: 1–8
  • A. H. CLARKE, JR. Supplementary notes on pre-Columbian Littorina littorea in Nova Scotia: 8–11
  • J. J. EWALD. Living examples of Auriculastra pellucens and its larval history: 11–14
  • L. L. GETZ and R. H. WAKEFIELD. Arion in New England: 14–16
  • N. J. REIGLE. Northern records of Gastrocopta procera: 16–18
  • L. KEUP, W. B. HORNING and W. M. INGRAM. Extension of range of Asiatic clam to Cincinnati reach of the Ohio River: 18–21
  • E. J. DIMELOW. Mollusks from hardwoods of the Chignecto Isthmus: 21–23
  • R. B. BRUNSON and N. KEVERN. Observations on a colony of Magnipelta: 23–27
  • W. N. SHAW. A method of tagging channeled whelks: 28–29
  • Notes and news: 29–35
  • Publications received: 35–36

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