A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 79 (1965–1966)

Volume 79 Number 4 (April 25, 1966)
  • D. NICOL. Size of pelecypods in recent marine faunas: 109–113
  • G. E. GUNNING and R. D. SUTTKUS. Occurrence and distribution of Asiatic clam, Corbicula leana, in Pearl River, Louisiana: 113–116
  • L. HUBRICHT. Some land snail records from Arkansas and Louisiana: 117–118
  • L. L. GETZ. An 1870 collection of mussels from the Calumet River, Illinois: 118–120
  • H. D. RUSSELL. KelaartÂ’s Ceylon opisthobranch species: 120–122
  • CHANLEY and M. CASTAGNA. Larval development of the pelecypod Lyonsia hyalina: 123–128
  • J. W. ROPES. Pitar morrhuana, new host for Malacobdella grossa: 129–131
  • J. S. BLEAKNEY. Behavior of calciphilic Cepaea hortensis on acidic island off Nova Scotia: 131–134
  • W. P. CARNEY. Mortality and apertural orientation in Allogona ptychophora during winter hibernation in Montana: 134–136
  • Notes and news: 136–144
  • Publications received: 144, iii
Volume 79 Number 3 (January 25, 1966)
  • V. O. MAES. Sexual dimorphism in the radula of the muricid genus Nassa: 73–80
  • P. J. CRUTCHFIELD. Positive rheotaxis in Goniobasis proxima: 80–86
  • W. H. HEARD. Subgeneric classification of Pisidium in North America: 86–89
  • D. FRANKENBERG. Southern limit of Nassarius trivittatus: 89–90
  • R. L. WIGLEY. New records of Cadulus (Scaphopoda) from the New England area: 90–96
  • M. R. MATTESON and R. W. DEXTER. Changes in pelecypod populations in Salt Fork of Beg Vermilion River, Illinois: 96–101
  • M. K. JACOBSON. A new Streptostyla from Nicaragua: 101–103
  • Notes and news: 103–108, iii
  • Publications received: iii
Volume 79 Number 2 (October 15, 1965)
  • C. M. BURGESS. Two new species of Cypraea: 37–40
  • R. SUMMERS and C. M. BURGESS. A new Cypraea from Easter Island: 41–42, 43
  • H. B. HERRINGTON. Corrections of sphaeriid nomenclature: 42, 44–45
  • E. PANITZ. Paleoecological interpretation and the import of recent faunas: 45–47
  • G. J. THOMAS. Growth in one species of sphaeriid clam: 47–54
  • K. J. BOSS. Note on Lima (Acesta) angolensis: 54–58
  • A. S. MERRILL and R. E. PETIT. Mollusks new to South Carolina: 58–66
  • G. J. THOMAS and D. C. SCOTT. Note on Elliptio spinosa in Georgia: 66–67
  • American Malacological Union, thirty-first annual meeting: 68–69
  • Notes and news: 69–71
  • Publications received: 71, iii
Volume 79 Number 1 (July 9, 1965)
  • W. K. EMERSON and A. DÂ’ATTILIO. Aspella (Favartia) angermeyerae, n. sp.: 1–4
  • L. HUBRICHT. Four new land snails from the southeastern United States: 4–7
  • A. H. SCHELTEMA. Two gastropod hosts of the pyramellid gastropod, Odostomia bisuturalis: 7–10
  • E. A. KAY. The Reverend John Lightfoot, Daniel Solander and the Portland Catalogue: 10–19
  • C. A. PORTER. Comparison of genitalia of two sympatric species of Haplotrema: 19–23
  • W. E. OLD, JR. On the identity of Conus pastinacea: 23–26
  • W. J. CLENCH. A new species of Lithasia from Mississippi: 30–33
  • W. J. CLENCH. A new species of Clappia from Alabama: 33–34
  • Notes and news: 34–35
  • Publications received: 36, iii

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