A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 80 (1966–1967)

Volume 80 Number 4 (April 24, 1967)
  • H. B. HERRINGTON and N. J. REIGLE, JR. New Brunswick Sphaeriidae: 109–111
  • J. F. GORE. A northernmost record and ecological data on Hydrobia salsa in Maine: 112–113
  • W. B. MILLER. Two new Sonorella from Sonora, Mexico: 114–119
  • F. W. GRIMM. New species of Helicodiscus from Virginia: 119–123
  • R. H. RUSSELL. A new subspecies of Lymnaea stagnalis from Montana: 124–126
  • R. I. JOHNSON. Carunculina pulla (Conrad), an overlooked Atlantic drainage unionid: 127–131
  • J. HOUBRICK. Notes on Cyclostremiscus schrammi: 131–133
  • G. R. WEBB. Erotology of three species of Praticolella and of Polygyra pustula: 133–140
  • Notes and news: 140–144, iii
  • Publications received: iv
Volume 80 Number 3 (January 24, 1967)
  • D. R. FRANZ. On the taxonomy and biology of the dorid nudibranch Doridella obscura: 73–79
  • P. S. BOYER. Some observations on the ecology of Callocardia texasiana: 79–81
  • J. Q. and R. L. BURCH. A new Ancilla from Brazil: 81–82
  • W. J. CLENCH and R. D. TURNER. A new species of Lyria (Volutidae) from Hispaniola: 83–84
  • M. L. H. THOMAS. Thracia conradi in Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward Island: 84–87
  • R. R. TALMADGE. Notes on coastal land snails: 87–89
  • D. S. DUNDEE, P. H. PHILLIPS, and J. D. NEWSOM. Snails on migratory birds: 89–91
  • O. S. ADEGOKE. New and oldest records of pelecypod Mya from western North America, south of Alaska: 91–95
  • A. DÂ’ATTILIO. Muricanthus melanomathos, a west African muricid: 96–99
  • W. J. CLENCH and K. J. BOSS. Freshwater mollusca from James River, Va. and a new name for Mudalia of authors: 99–102
  • N. J. REIGLE, JR. and H. B. HERRINGTON. Localities for New Brunswick land mollusks: 102–105
  • M. C. TESKEY. Thirty-second annual meeting of the American Malacological Union: 105–106
  • Notes and news: 106-108, iii
Volume 80 Number 2 (October 11, 1966)
  • J. ROSEWATER. Reinstatement of Melarhaphe Menke, 1828: 37–38
  • W. KENAUOHA. Life history and population studies of Achatina fulica: 39–46
  • W. B. MILLER. Three new Sonorella from southwest Arizona: 46–52
  • W. J. CLENCH. A new species of Kalendyma from Malaita, Solomon Islands: 52–53
  • L. HUBRICHT. Four new land snails: 53–56
  • J. J. PARODIZ. Two new subspecies of Potamolithus: 56–58
  • D. S. FRANZEN. Anatomy of the succineid gastropod Oxyloma salleana (Pfeiffer): 59–69
  • Notes and news: 69–72
  • Publications received: 72, iii
Volume 80 Number 1 (July 6, 1966)
  • J. D. DAVIS. Mesodesma arctatum: fossil and living specimens on Nantucket: 1–3
  • W. KEKAUOHA. Life history and population studies of Achatina fulica: 3–10
  • M. K. JACOBSON and G. USTICKE. What is Arca caelata Reeve?: 10–13
  • J. X. CORGAN. Mya on the Alaskan Peninsula: 13–16
  • A. L. METCALF. Corbicula manilensis in the Mesillo Valley of Texas and New Mexico: 16–20
  • N. F. MCMILLAN and M. FOGAN. Anonymous catalog of Ohio River uniones: 20–21
  • B. A. BRANSON. Alasmidonta marginata and Ptychobranchus fasiolaris in Kansas: 21–24
  • F. G. THOMPSON. A new pomatiasid from Chiapas, Mexico: 24–28
  • Notes and news: 28–36, iii
  • Publications received: iii

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