A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 81 (1967–1968)

Volume 81 Number 4 (April 18, 1968)
  • C. W. SCHAEFER, P. MILCH, and N. L. LEVIN. Death from dessication in the mud-snail Nassarius obsoletus: effect of temperature: 109–114
  • M. K. JACOBSON. On a collection of terrestrial mollusca from Nicaragua: 114–119
  • H. S. TUBIASH, C. N. SHUSTER, JR., and J. A. COUCH. Anomalous siphons in two species of bivalve mollusks: 120–125
  • W. K. EMERSON. Azumamorula, new name for Morulina Dall, 1923, not Boerner, 1906: 125–127
  • B. A. BRANSON. Two new slugs (Pulmonata: Philomycidae: Philomycus) from Kentucky and Virginia: 127–133
  • D. BICKEL. Goniobasis semicarinata and G. indianensis in Blue River, Indiana: 133–138
  • M. J. IMLAY. Resistance of fresh-water operculate snails to dessication: 138–140
  • Notes and news: 140–144, iii
  • Publications received: iii
Volume 81 Number 3 (January 25, 1968)
  • Y. KONDO. Partulidae: preview of anatomical revision: 73–77
  • W. N. HARMAN. Replacement of pleurocerids by Bithynia in polluted waters of central New York: 77–83
  • F. W. GRIMM. A note on Catinella oklahomarum: 84–85
  • R. T. ABBOTT and R. H. JENSEN. Portuguese marine mollusca in Bermuda: 86–89
  • D. NICOL. A new Meiocardia (Pelecypoda, Glossidae) from the Eocene of Florida: 89–93
  • C. CHEN. Zoogeography of thecosomatous pteropods in the west Atlantic Ocean: 94–101
  • Notes and news: 101–107
  • Publications received: 108
Volume 81 Number 2 (October 16, 1967)
  • J. W. ROPES and A. S. MERRILL. Malacobdella grossa in Pitar morrhuana and Mercenaria campechiensis: 37–40
  • E. B. HEBARD. Pleistocene mollusks from New Providence, Bahamas: 41–44
  • D. NICOL. How to distinguish between Limopsis and Glycymeris: 45–46
  • D. A. WOLFE. Cassis madagascariensis and C. m. spinella offshore at Beaufort, North Carolina: 47–48
  • V. O. MAES. Radulae of two species of Pleuroploca (Fasciolariidae) from the Indo-Pacific: 48–54
  • W. B. MILLER. Two new Sonorella from Rincon Mountains of Arizona: 54–61
  • D. E. BEETLE. Mollusks of the Outer Banks, N. C.: 61–65
  • L. HUBRICHT. Some land snail records from Oklahoma and Arkansas: 65–67
  • Notes and news: 67–71
  • Publications received: 72, iii–iv
Volume 81 Number 1 (July 6, 1967)
  • W. B. MILLER. Two new Sonorella from Sonora, Mexico, and notes on southern limit of genus: 1–6
  • C. M. BURGESS. A new Hawaiian Cypraea: 6–11
  • G. R. WEBB. Erotology of three species of Praticolella, and of Polygyra pustula: 11–18
  • R. B. BRUNSON and R. H. RUSSELL. Radiodiscus, new to molluscan fauna of Montana: 18–22
  • F. G. THOMPSON. New helicid snail from Zacatecas, Mexico: 22–25
  • F. G. THOMPSON. Two new species of Pachychilus from northeastern Mexico: 25–31
  • W. J. CLENCH. Henry G. Frampton, 1902–1966: 31–32
  • Notes and news: 32–36
  • Publications received: 36, iii

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