A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 85 (1971–1972)

Volume 85 Number 4 (April 28, 1972)
  • Important notice to subscribers and contributors: vii
  • J. N. CATHER and M. E. CROVO. The spawn, early development and larvae of Cyphoma gibbosum: 111–114
  • A. H. SHOEMAKER. Reef mollusks of South Carolina: 114–120
  • K. A. KRIEGER. Somatogyrus alcoviensis, new gastropod species from Georgia (Hydrobiidae): 120–125
  • S. D. KAICHER. A second ovoviviparous Nassarius: 126–128
  • W. B. MILLER. Greggelix, a new genus of autochthonous land snails (Helminthoglyptidae) from Baja California: 128–135
  • F. O. BINGHAM. Shell growth in the gastropod Littorina irrorata: 136–141
  • K. D. ROSE. A mollusk new to Lake Birket Qarun, Egypt: 141–143
  • Notes and News: 146
  • Publications received: iv
Volume 85 Number 3 (January 27, 1972)
  • L. HUBRICHT. Gastrocopta armifera (Say): 73–78
  • A. B. LEONARD. New gastropods from the Pleistocene of Illinois: 78–84
  • P. L. PERCHARDE. Observations on the gastropod, Charonia variegata, in Trinidad and Tobago: 84–92
  • J. W. ROPES. Chromosome number of the surf clam, Spisula solidissima: 93–95
  • W. G. LYONS. A new Fasciolaria from the northeastern Gulf of Mexico: 96–100
  • B. A. BRANSON. Hemphillia dromedarius, a new arionid slug from Washington: 100–106
  • J. W. GRANDY IV. Winter distribution of Melampus bidentatus (Say) on a Cape Cod salt marsh: 106–109
  • Notes: 109
Volume 85 Number 2 (October 4, 1971)
  • J. M. KRAKAUER. The feeding habits of aplysiid opisthobranchs in Florida: 37–38
  • T. J. HORST and R. R. COSTA. Distribution patterns of five selected gastropod species from McCargo Lake: 38–43
  • J. E. JOY. The influence of light conditions upon the egg-laying of the planorbid snail, Biomphalaria glabrata: 43–49
  • R. T. ABBOTT. Conus patae, a new Caribbean gastropod: 49–51
  • J. X. CORGAN. Review of Parodostomia, Telloda, Goniodostomia and Eulimastoma (Gastropoda: Pyramidellacea): 51–60
  • S. BLANKENSHIP. Notes on Alasmidonta fabula (Lea) in Kentucky (Unionidae): 60–61
  • W. B. MILLER. The reproductive anatomy of Tryonigens remondi (Tryon, 1863): Helminthoglyptidae: 61–65
  • H. C. RAWLS and J. M. BAUM. Fluorescence in Mesodon clausus (Say): 65–67
  • Notes: 69
  • Publications received: iii
Volume 85 Number 1 (July 20, 1971)
  • R. T. ABBOTT and C. B. WURTZ. Horace Burrington Baker (1889–1971) - an obituary: 1–4
  • A. G. SMITH. New record for a rare Galápagos land snail: 5–8
  • K. J. BOSS. Familial affinities of Hemidonax (Bivalvia): 9–12
  • F. W. GRIMM. Two new Stenotrema, with notes on S. hirsutum and S. barbatum: 12–17
  • H. C. RAWLS and R. L. YATES. Fluorescence in endodontid snails: 17–20
  • E. A. MALEK and M. D. LITTLE. Aroapyrgus colombiensis n. sp. (Gastropoda: Hydrobiidae), snail intermediate host of Paragonimus caliensis in Colombia: 20–26
  • B. A. BRANSON. Variation in the shell Mudalia potosiensis (Lea) (Pleuroceridae) from a single locality: 26–30
  • W. K. EMERSON. Niso (Neovolusia) imbricata (Sowerby, 1834) rediscovered (Gastropoda: Eulimidae): 30–32
  • D. L. JOHNSON. Pleistocene land snails on the Channel Islands, California: a call for research: 32–35
  • Notes: 35–36

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