A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 86 (1972)

Volume 86 Number 2–4 (December 1, 1972)

  • H. LEWIS. Notes on the genus Distorsio (Cymatiidae) with descriptions of new species: 27–50
  • T. HABE. Notes on the genus Parancistrolepis Azuma (Buccinidae): 51–52
  • G. G. SPHON. Berthella kaniae, a new opisthobranch from the eastern Pacific: 53–55
  • E. P. CHEATUM. A new species of Humboldtiana (Helminthoglyptidae) from the Sierra Vieja Mountains of Texas: 56–69
  • W. F. PONDER and G. P. WHITLEY. Tom Iredale (1880–1972) [an obituary]: 60–62
  • R. F. THOMAS and F. O. BINGHAM. Shell structure in Spirula spirula (Cephalopoda): 63–66
  • J. ROSEWATER and G. J. VERMEIJ. The amphi-Atlantic distribution of Littorina meleagris: 67–69
  • J. ROSEWATER. Teratological Littorina scabra angulifera: 70–71
  • S. L. H. FULLER. Type locality of Unio pumilus Lea, 1838 (Unionidae): 72–73
  • S. L. H. FULLER. Unio caroliniana Bosc, 1801 (Unionidae): 74–75
  • M. J. IMLAY. Greater adaptability of freshwater mussels to natural rather than to artificial displacement: 76–79
  • B. ROTH and R. E. PETIT. A new species of Persicula from the Arabian Sea (Marginellidae): 80
  • H. G. RICHARDS. Quaternary mollusks from Fiji: 81–82
  • H. K. MIENIS. On the alleged occurrence of Lambis violacea and Clithon coronata in Indonesia: 82
  • T. HABE and K. ITO. Ancistrolepis kawamurai, a new Japanese Buccinidae: 83–84
  • S. L. H. FULLER. An underscribed structural feature in the marsupium of Elliptio lanceolata (Lea, 1828) (Unionidae): 85–86
  • D. S. DAVIS. An unusual form of Littorina littorea (Linné) found in Nova Scotia: 87
  • Book reviews: 50, 59, 66, 71
  • News: 88

Volume 86 Number 1 (July 27, 1972)

  • A. B. LEONARD. A new Valvata from the Pleistocene of southern Illinois: 1–2
  • W. G. LYONS. New Turridae (Gastropoda: Toxoglossa) from south Florida and the eastern Gulf of Mexico: 3–7
  • F. O. BINGHAM. Several aspects of the reproductive biology of Littorina irrorata (Gastropoda): 8–10
  • D. NICOL. Geologic history of deposit-feeding pelecypods: 11–15
  • L. HUBRICHT. Two new American Pulmonata: Paravitrea seradens and Philomycus sellatus: 16–17
  • D. E. BEETLE. A note on land snails associated with Kudzu Vine: 18–19
  • W. F. GALE. Seasonal variability in calyculism in Sphaerium transversum (Say): 20–22


  • P. V. KIRCH. Subfossil non-marine gastropods from Molokai, Hawaiian Islands: 23
  • J. A. SNELI. Odostomia turrita found on Homarus gammarus: 23–24
  • J. X. CORGAN. Pyramidellid genera of Pilsbry: 24–25
  • M. K. JACOBSON. Observations on the siphonal behavior of young surf clams, Spisula solidissima: 25–26
  • Book reviews: 10, 19
  • Dates of publication of The Nautilus, vol. 85: 26

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