A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 87 (1973)

Volume 87 Number 4 (October 4, 1973)
  • R. T. ABBOTT. Acteon eloiseae, a new opisthobranch from Arabia: 91–92
  • M. A. REX and K. J. BOSS. Systematics and distribution of the deep-sea gastropod, Epitonium (Eccliseogyra) nitidum: 93–98
  • F. J. PALACIO. On the double hectocotylization of octopods: 99–102
  • W. A. SODEMAN, JR. The influence of light on Biomphalaria glabrata: 103–106
  • M. K. JACOBSON. On the identity of Helicina granulum Pfeiffer (Prosobranchia): 107–109
  • W. D. CABLE. The valvular membrane in young mactrid clams, Spisula solidissima: 110–111
  • K. W. TURGEON and R. A. FRALICK. Size and sex ratio differences in Urosalpinx cinerea (Say) (Muricidae) from Great Bay, New Hampshire: 112–114
  • W. N. HARMAN. The mollusca of Canadarago Lake and a new record for Lasmigona compressa (Lea): 114
  • R. W. FULLINGTON. Obituary of Elmer P. Cheatum (1901–1973): 115
  • Book reviews: 98, 102
Volume 87 Number 3 (July 30, 1973)
  • R. F. THOMAS and L. OPRESKO. Observations on Octopus joubini: four laboratory reared generations: 61–65
  • D. S. FRANZEN Oxyloma deprimida, a new species of Succineidae (Pulmonata): 66–71
  • D. NICOL and G. D. SHAAK. Late Eocene distribution of the pelecypod Exputens in southeastern United States: 72–74
  • J. N. KRAEUTER. Notes on mollusks Ostrea and Siphonaria from Georgia (U.S.A.): 75–77
  • M. L. S. MELLO and M. T. UETA. Observations by polarized light on the radula of Aplexa marmorata: 79–82
  • A. K. CRAIG. A new record for Liguus: the Boynton Beach colony: 83–85
  • S. A. HARRIS. Pisidium henslowanum (Sheppard) in western Canada: 86–87
  • J. T. CARLTON. Corbicula in San Francisco, California: 87
  • R. ROBERTSON. Cyclostremella: a planispiral pyramidellid: 88
  • D. R. SHASKY. Obituary of G. Bruce Campbell, M.D.: 89–90
  • F. PERRON and T. PROBERT. Viviparus malleatus in New Hampshire: 90
  • Book reviews: 77, 78
  • Recent Publications: 74
Volume 87 Number 2 (April 27, 1973)
  • T. R. WALLER. The habits and habitats of some Bermudian marine mollusks: 31–52
  • R. E. YOUNG. Evidence for spawning by Gonatus sp. (Cephalopoda: Teuthoidea) in the high Arctic Ocean: 53–58
  • S. L. H. FULLER and C. E. POWELL, JR. Range extensions of Corbicula manilensis (Philippi) in the Atlantic drainage of the United States: 59
  • M. C. TESKEY. Emarginula dentigera Heilprin, 1889, a littoral mollusk: 60
  • Book reviews: 52, 58
  • News: 59, 60
Volume 87 Number 1 (January 24, 1973)
  • D. W. WEST. Notes on the development of Colus stimpsoni (Prosobranchia: Buccinidae): 1–4
  • T. S. KATSIGIANIS and W. N. HARMAN. Variation in the radular teeth of Helisoma anceps (Menke): 5–7
  • B. A. BRANSON. Significant pelecypod records from Oklahoma: 8–10
  • J. B. SICKEL. A new record of Corbicula manilensis (Philippi) in the southern Atlantic Slope region of Georgia: 11–12
  • D. BICKEL. Non-marine mollusks and two new species of Pisidium from the Tongue River Formation (Paleocene), North Dakota: 13–18
  • J. W. ROPES and A. S. MERRILL. To what extent do surf clams move?: 19–21
  • W. K. EMERSON. Leo George Hertlein (1898–1972), an obituary and final bibliography: 22–23
  • J. W. CLARK, JR. The problem of the land snail genus Rabdotus in Texas archeological sites: 24
  • L. FORCART. Notes on Veronicellidae and Athoracophoridae in the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago: 25–27
  • J. L. MURPHY. Cerion from an archeological site in northern Ohio: 28
  • J. P. E. MORRISON. New name for a Texas Hydrobia: 28
  • D. E. BETTLE. Physa acuta in Virginia: 28
  • R. T. ABBOTT. Spread of Melanoides tuberculata (Thiaridae): 29
  • D. E. BEETLE. Fresh-water mollusks from coastal Virginia: 29
  • Book reviews: 4, 12, 23, 29
  • Obituary: 27
  • News: 30

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