A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology


Contents of Volume 89 (1975)

Volume 89 Number 4 (October 29, 1975)
  • P. J. KRIEGER and D. F. AUSTIN. Liguus: The Boynton Beach colony after forty years: 97–98
  • R. S. HOUBRICK. Clavocerithium (Indocerithium) taeniatum, a little-known and unusual cerithiid from New Guinea: 99–105
  • M. K. JACOBSON. The freshwater prosobranch, Tarebia granifera, in Oriente, Cuba: 106
  • C. D. ROLLO and W. G. WELLINGTON. Terrestrial slugs in the vicinity of Vancouver, British Columbia: 107–115
  • A. S. MERRILL and R. L. EDWARDS. Observations on mollusks from a navigational buoy with special emphasis on the sea scallop, Placopecten magellanicus: 116–123
  • H. BERTSCH. Distributional and anatomical observations of Berthella tupala (Opisthobranchia: Notaspidea): 124–126
  • Book review: 98
  • Publications received: 105
Volume 89 Number 3 (July 18, 1975)
  • W. P. HAMMER and R. B. BRUNSON. Fluoride accumulation in the land snail, Ooreohelix subrudis, from western Montana: 65–68
  • D. S. DUNDEE, M. TIZZARD and M. TRAUB. Aggregative behavior in veronicellid slugs: 69–72
  • W. LEATHEM and D. MAURER. Northern range extension of the Bivalve, Paramya subovata (Superfamily Myacea): 72
  • W. LEATHEM and D. MAURER. The distribution and ecology of common marine and estuarine gastropods in the Delaware Bay area: 73–79
  • H. A. REHDER. Corrections to recent papers on new species of Volutocorbis from South Africa: 79
  • A. SOLEM. Polygyriscus virginianus (Burch, 1947), a helicodiscid land snail (Pulmonata: Helicodiscidae): 80–86
  • J. ROSEWATER. The marine commensal gastropod, Caledoniella montrouzieri (Prosobranchia: Hipponicacea) in Thailand: 86
  • M. C. MACNAMARA and W. N. HARMAN. Further studies of the mollusca of the Otsego Lake area: 87–90
  • M. R. CARRIKER. Radular anomaly in Urosalpinx cinerea (Gastropoda: Muricidae): 91–94
  • G. G. SPHON. Marseniopsis sharonae (Willett, 1939), comb. nov: 95
  • D. G. SMITH. The identity of Planorbula jenksii (H. F. Carpenter): 96–98
  • R. T. ABBOTT. Obituary: Daniel Downey Steger (1906–1975): 98
Volume 89 Number 2 (April 30, 1975)
  • M. A. ROKITKA and C. F. HERREID, II. Formation of epiphragms by the land snail Otala lactea (Müller) under various environmental conditions: 27–32
  • V. L. A. YOLOYE. The validity of the subgenus Senilia Gray, 1842 (Bivalvia: Arcidae): 33–35
  • E. PIP. Scalariformy in the pond snail, Lymnaea stagnalis: 36–37
  • T. R. HESTER and T. C. HILL, JR. Eating land snails in prehistoric southern Texas: ethnohistoric and experimental data: 37–38
  • F. W. GRIMM. A review of Succinea wilsoni, a coastal marsh snail of eastern North America: 39–43
  • C. C. CHRISTENSEN and W. B. MILLER. Genital anatomy and physiology of the snails, Berendtia Crosse and Fischer and Spartocentrum Dall (Stylommatophora: Bulimulidae): 43–46
  • B. A. BRANSON. Radiodiscus hubrichti (Pulmonata: Endodontidae) new species from the Olympic Peninsula, Washington: 47–48
  • R. N. KILBURN. The rediscovery of Morum praeclarum Melvill (Cassidae): 49–50
  • R. N. KILBURN. Substitute name for Conus orbignyi aratus Kilburn, nom. preocc. : 50
  • J. E. JOY and L. E. MCCOY. Comparisons of shell dimensions and viscera mass weights in Corbicula manilensis (Philippi, 1844): 51–54
  • M. K. JACOBSON. Type material of some Cuban helicinids: 54–55
  • T. J. HORST and R. R. COSTA. Seasonal migration and density patterns of the fresh water snail, Amnicola limosa: 56–59
  • W. C. FALLAW. Size distribution of the Bivalve, Mulinia lateralis (Mactridae) and energy level of some Pleistocene sediments: 60–61
  • C. O. VAN REGTEREN ALTENA. Notes on land slugs, No. 22: a catalogue of the genus Lytopelte (Limacidae) and a note on L. kandaharensis (Altena): 62–63
  • Notice: 63
Volume 89 Number 1 (January 31, 1975)
  • L. HUBRICHT. Four new species of land snails from the eastern United States: 1–4
  • J. W. ECKBLAD. The Asian clam, Corbicula, in the Upper Mississippi River: 4
  • S. A. HERRMANN and W. N. HARMAN. Population studies on Helisoma anceps (Menke) (Gastropoda: Planorbidae): 5–11
  • R. T. ABBOTT. Obituary of John Quincy Burch (1894–1974): 12–13
  • D. W. BEHRENS. Use of disposable beverage containers by the freshwater clam, Corbicula: 13
  • W. D. RUSSELL-HUNTER and R. F. MCMAHON. An anomolous sex-ratio in the sublittoral marine snail, Lacuna vincta Turton, from near Woods Hole: 14–16
  • E. A. MALEK. Biomphalaria havanensis (Pfeiffer) from Grenada, West Indies: 17–20
  • J. A. KUSHLAN. Population changes of the apple snail, Pomacea paludosa, in the southern Everglades: 21–23
  • M. A. ROKITKA and C. F. HERREID, II. Position of epiphragms in the land snail, Otala lactea (Müller): 23–26
  • Publications received: ii

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