A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology
Contents of Volume 90 (1976)

Volume 90 Number 4 (October 29, 1976)
  • H. S. LADD. New Pleistocene Neogastropoda from the New Hebrides: 127–138
  • C. M. NELSON. The type species of Neptunea Rding, 1798 (Gastropoda: Buccinacea): 139–144
  • M. G. CURRY and M. F. VIDRINE. New fresh–water mussel host records for the leech Placobdella montifera, with distributional notes: 141–144
  • B. R. RIVEST and L. G. HARRIS. Eubranchus tricolor Forbes in the western Atlantic: 145–147
  • H. M. GARLINGHOUSE. Willam Seward Teator (1860–1930): 148–149
  • D. G. SMITH. Abnormal shells of Gyraulus parvus (Planorbidae): 150
  • L. D. and S. C. CAMPBELL. Sinistral specimens of Olivella, Prunum, and Granulina from the Pliocene of Virginia and North Carolina: 151–152
  • F. G. THOMPSON. Land snails from Monito Island, West Indies: 152–153
Volume 90 Number 3 (July 21, 1976)
  • Review: vi
  • W. LEATHEM, P. KINNER and D. MAURER. Northern range extension of the Florida marsh clam Cyrenoida floridana (Superfamily: Cyrenoidacea): 93–94
  • D. BICKEL. Two new species of non–marine molluscs from the Fort Union Group (Paleocene) of North Dakota and Montana: 94–98
  • A. L. METCALF and D. H. RISKIND. A new Humboldtiana (Pulmonata: Helminthoglyptidae) from Coahuila, Mexico: 99–100
  • R. W. NECK and R. W. FULLINGTON. Anomalous land gastropods from Texas (Polygyridae and Urocoptidae): 101–104
  • L. HUBRICHT. Notes on some land snails of the eastern United States: 104–107
  • A. SOLEM. Status on Succinea ovalis chittenangoensis Pilsbry, 1908: 107–114
  • F. E. WELLS. Growth rate of four species of euthecosomatous pteropods occurring off Barbados, West Indies: 114–116
  • J. A. GARDNER, JR., W. R. WOODALL, JR., A. A. STAATS, JR. and J. F. NAPOLI. The invasion of the asiatic clam (Corbicula manilensis Philippi) in the Altamaha River, Georgia: 117–125
  • N. V. SUBBA RAO and S. C. MITRA. Succinea raoi new name for Succinea arboricola Rao, 1925 (Stylommatophora: Succineidae): 125
Volume 90 Number 2 (April 27, 1976)
  • Notices; Review: iv
  • G. G. SPHON. The Mitridae of the Galapagos Islands: 63–64
  • R. S. VOSS. Observations on the ecology of the Florida tree snail, Liguus fasciatus Mller: 65–69
  • W. B. MILLER. New species of Sonorella (Pulmonata: Helminthoglyptidae) from New Mexico and Texas: 70–73
  • C. A. HENRY. The commensal clam, Paramya subovata (Bivalvia: Myidae) and Thalassema hartmani (Echuroidea) off Galveston, Texas: 73–74
  • J. OGLE. The occurrence of the date mussel Lithophaga bisculata (Mytilidae) in living oysters, off Galveston, Texas: 74–76
  • G. L. MACKIE, S. U. QADRI and A. H. CLARKE. Reproductive habits of four populations of Musculium securis (Bivalvia: Sphaeriidae) near Ottawa, Canada: 76–86
  • L. HUBRICHT. The genus Fontigens from Appalachian caves (Mesogastropoda: Hydrobiidae): 86–88
  • W. S. LANDERS. Reproduction and early development of the ocean quahog, Arctica islandica, in the laboratory: 88–92
  • Publications received: 92
Volume 90 Number 1 (January 30, 1976)
  • Publications received; Editorial: ii
  • C. J. BERG, JR. Ontogeny of the predatory behavior in marine snails (Prosobranchia: Naticidae): 1–4
  • A. TOMPA. Fossil eggs of the land snail genus Vallonia (Pulmonata: Valloniidae): 5–7
  • T. M. DUCH. Aspects of the feeding habits of Viviparus georgianus: 7–10
  • F. G. THOMPSON. The occurrence in Florida of the West Indian land snail Bulimulus guadalupensis: 10
  • R. A. WHARTON. Variation in the New England pyramidellid gastropod, Turbonilla nivea (Stimpson): 11–13
  • J. W. CLARK, JR. Alvar Nez and the snail Rabdotus in Texas: 13–14
  • A. SOLEM. Species criteria in Anguispira (Anguispira) (Pulmonata: Discidae): 15–23
  • H. K. MIENIS. Range extension of Coralliophila marrati Knudsen (Gastropoda: Magillidae): 23–24
  • R. T. ABBOTT. Cittarium pica (Trochidae) in Florida: 24
  • A. SOLEM. Comments on eastern North American Polygyridae: 25–36
  • G. L. MACKIE. Trematode parasitism in the Sphaeriididae clams, and the effects in three Ottawa River species: 36–41
  • F. G. THOMPSON. The genus Epirobia in Chiapas, Mexico: 41–46
  • A. J. FERREIRA: A new species of Callistochiton in the Caribbean: 46–49
  • A. L. METCALF and R. W. FULLINGTON. A new fossil Ashmunella (Pulmonata: Polygyridae) from the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas: 49–52
  • R. G. WOODBRIDGE, III. Tentacle-branching in the periwinkle, Littorina littorea: 52–53
  • A. S. MERRILL and R. L. EDWARDS. [A corrected republication] Observations on mollusks from a navigational buoy with special emphasis on the sea scallop, Placopecten magellanicus: 54–61

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