A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology
Contents of Volume 91 (1977)

Volume 91 Number 4 (October 27, 1977)
  • D. R. MOORE. Small species of Nuculidae (Bivalvia) from the tropical western Atlantic: 119–128
  • R. H. BAILEY. Varicorbula chowanensis, a new species (Bivalvia: Myacea) from the Pliocene of North America: 128–130
  • C. C. CHRISTENSEN and W. B. MILLER. Two new Rabdotus (Pulmonata: Bulimulidae) from Baja California, Mexico: 130–133
  • D. MOOK. Studies on fouling invertebrates in the Indian River, Florida. 2: Effects of Modulus modulus (Prosobranchia: Modulidae): 134–136
  • T. H. DIETZ and E. M. STERN. Seasonal changes in reproductive activity and biochemical composition of the fingernail clam, Sphaerium transversum: 136–140
  • R. W. NECK. Introduced land snails of Travis County, Texas: 140–143
  • A. B. LEONARD. Three new pulmonate gastropods from the Late Tertiary of New Mexico: 143–145
  • A. SOLEM. Radiodiscus hubrichti Branson, 1975, a synonym of Striatura (S.) pugetensis (Dall, 1895) (Pulmonata: Zonitidae): 146–148
  • A. SOLEM. Shell microsculpture in Striatura, Punctum, Radiodiscus, and Planogyra (Pulmonata): 149–155
  • News: 156
  • Deaths: 156
Volume 91 Number 3 (July 1, 1977)
  • W. K. EMERSON. Notes on some Indo–Pacific species of Morum (Gastropoda: Tonnacea): 81–86
  • H. DUSHANE. A new abyssal Amaea (Gastropoda: Epitoniidae) from the north eastern Pacific Ocean: 87–88
  • H. DUSHANE. Epitonium textimattum, a new gastropod from the west coast of Mexico: 89–91
  • C. M. DOREMUS and W. N. HARMAN. The effects of grazing by physid and planorbid freshwater snails on periphyton: 92–96
  • R. W. DEXTER. A further note on geologic changes in the relative size of bivalve shells: 96
  • K. A. BURKY and A. J. BURKY. Buoyancy changes as related to respiratory behavior in an amphibious snail, Pomacea urceus (Müller), from Venezuela: 97–104
  • C. L. COUNTS, III, J. M. DINGESS and J. E. JOY. The electrocardiogram of the freshwater bivalve Lampsilis radiata (Bivalvia: Unionidae): 105–107
  • D. S. DUNDEE. Observations on the veronicellid slugs of the southern United States: 108–114
  • S. T. MALEK. Veronicella occidentalis in Louisiana: 115
  • R. W. TAYLOR, M. P. SWEENEY and C. L. COUNTS, III. Use of empty gastropod shells (Polygridae) by pseudoscorpions: 115–116
  • Publications received: 117
Volume 91 Number 2 (April 5, 1977)
  • T. BRATCHER. Deshayes’ terebrid types in École des Mines, Paris: 39–42
  • J. H. RODGERS, JR., D. S. CHERRY, J. R. CLARK, K. L. DICKSON and J. CAIRNS, JR. The invasion of asiatic clam, Corbicula manilensis, in the New River, Virginia: 43–46
  • R. C. WALL. Seasonal movements of the pond snail, Lymnaea catascopium, in a northern lake: 47–51
  • E. PIP. Frequent scalariformy in a population of the pond snail, Lymnaea stagnalis: 52–54
  • R. F. MCMAHON. Shell size–frequency distributions of Corbicula manilensis Philippi from a clam–fouled steam condenser: 54–59
  • M. G. HARASEWYCH. Abnormal hyperstrophy in Littornia lineolata (Gastropoda: Littorinidae): 60–62
  • L. H. POORMAN and F. L. POORMAN. Four opisthobranchs living on marine algae from west Mexico: 62–66
  • C. L. COUNTS, III. The Miocene bivalve Cumingia medialis (Semelidae) from South Carolina: 66–67
  • T. M. SPIGHT. Latitude, habitat, and hatching type for muricacean gastropods: 67–71
  • W. O. CERNOHORSKY. Conus viola, a new name for C. violacea Reeve: 72–73
  • T. M. SPIGHT. Is Thais canaliculata (Gastropoda: Muricidae) evolving nurse eggs?: 74–76
  • B. A. BRANSON. The Chinese apple snail, Cipangopaludina chinensis, on Orcas Island, Washington: 76–77
  • F. G. THOMPSON. The polygyrid genus Mcleania in Hispaniola: 77–80
  • Publications received: v
  • Recent deaths: 80
Volume 91 Number 1 (January 27, 1977)
  • R. W. NECK. Geographical range of Praticolla griseola (Polygyridae), correction and analysis: 1–4
  • D. NICOL. Geographic relationship of benthic marine molluscs of Florida: 4–7
  • W. F. GALE. Growth of the fingernail clam, Sphaerium transversum (Say) in the field and laboratory experiments: 8–12
  • E. H. JOKINEN. The formation and structure of the shell varix in Stagnicola elodes (Say) (Gastropoda: Lymnaeidae): 13–15
  • W. H. GILBERT and E. F. SUCHOW. Predation by winter flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) on the siphons of the clam, Tellina agilis: 16–17
  • D. S. DUNDEE and A. PAINE. Ecology of the snail, Melanoides tuberculata (Müller), intermediate host of the human live fluke (Opisthorchis sinensis) in New Orleans, Louisiana: 17–20
  • J. C. BRITTON and C. E. MURPHY. New records and ecological notes for Corbicula manilensis in Texas: 20–22
  • E. V. GARDO. Opisthobranchs found off Little Egg Inlet, New Jersey, with notes on three species new to the state: 23–28
  • W. G. LYONS. Notes on occurrence of Eupleura sulcidentata Dall (Gastropoda: Muricidae): 28–29
  • H. K. MIENIS. North American land snails in Israel: 30–31
  • S. K. RAUT and K. C. GHOSE. Effect of upwardly–directed shell aperture on the aestivating land snail, Achatina fulica: 31–33
  • R. W. TAYLOR and C. L. COUNTS, III. The asiatic clam, Corbicula manilensis, as a food of the northern raccoon, Procyon lotor: 34
  • C. M. THOMPSON and R. E. SPARKS. The asiatic clam, Corbicula manilensis in the Illinois River: 34–36
  • W. K. EMERSON. Obituary of Allyn Goodwin Smith (1893–1976): 37
  • Publications received: 7
  • Book review: 36

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