A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology
Contents of Volume 93 (1979)

Volume 93 Number 4 (October 30, 1979)
  • D. M. ALLEN. Biological aspects of the calico scallop, Argopecten gibbus, determined by spat monitoring: 107–119
  • F. R. HORNE and S. MCINTOSH. Factors influencing distribution of mussels in the Blanco River of central Texas: 119–133
  • M. A. KLAPPENBACH. Allocation of “Marginella” corderoi Carcelles, 1953 to a new genus in the volute subfamily Odontocymbiolinae (Gastropoda): 133–135
  • A. S. TOMPA. Localized egg shell dissolution during development in Stenotrema leai (Pulmonata: Polygyridae): 136–137
  • A. H. CLARKE. Gastropods as indicators of trophic lake stages: 138–142
  • L. HUBRICHT. A new species of Amnicola from an Arkansas cave (Hydrobiidae): 142
  • K. E. HOAGLAND. The behavior of three sympatric species of Crepidula (Gastropoda: Prosobranchia) from the Atlantic, with implications for evolutionary ecology: 143–149
  • J. J. JENKISON. The occurrence and spread of Corbicula manilensis in east-central Alabama: 149–153
  • A. L. JONES. Descriptions of six new forms of Florida tree snails, Liguus fasciatus: 153–159
  • R. T. ABBOTT and C. J. FINLAY. Chicoreus cosmani, a new muricid gastropod from the West Indies: 159–162
  • S. B. GALLAGHER and G. K. REID. Population dynamics and zonation in the periwinkle snail, Littorina angulifera, of the Tampa Bay, Florida, region: 162–178
  • A. H. CLARKE. Sphaeriidae as indicators of trophic lake states: 178–184
  • A. OMURA, W. K. EMERSON and T. L. KU. Uranium-series ages of echinoids and corals from the Upper Pleistocene Magdalena Terrace, Baja California Sur, Mexico: 184–189
  • W. E. KLIPPEL and P. W. PARMALEE. The naiad fauna of Lake Springfield, Illinois: an assessment after two decades: 189-197
  • Publications received: ii
Volume 93 Numbers 2–3 (April 23, 1979)
  • B. B. BAKER. A tribute upon her retirement: iv
  • M. R. CARRIKER. Ultrastructural effect of cleaning molluscan shell with sodium hypochlorite (Clorox): 47–50
  • D. R. LINDBERG: Variations in the limpet, Collisella ochracea, and the distribution of Notoacmea testudinalis (Acmaeidae): 50–56
  • H. BERTSCH. Tropical faunal affinities of opisthobranchs from the Panamic Province (eastern Pacific): 57–61
  • M. A. BARBOUR. A note on the distribution and food preference of Cadlina laevis (Nudibranchia: Chromodoriade): 61–62
  • D. S. FRANZEN. Catinella parallela, a new succinidae (Pulmonata) from midwestern United States: 63–69
  • B. G. ISOM, S. D. DENNIS and C. GOOCH. Rediscovery of some pleurocerids (Gastropoda) near muscle shoals, Tennessee River, Alabama: 69–70
  • A. S. VAN DEVENDER. A new Vertigo (Pulmonata: Pupillidae) from the Ozarkian Uplift: 70–73
  • A. C. BOOZER and E. E. MIRKES. Observations on the fingernail clam, Musculium partumeium (Pisidiidae), and its association with the introduced asiatic clam, Corbicula fluminea: 73–83
  • B. G. ISOM, C. GOOCH and S. D. DENNIS. Rediscovery of a presumed extinct river mussel, Dysnomia sulcata (Unionidae): 84–92
  • T. M. GOSLINER. A review of the systematics of Cylichnella Gabb (Opisthobranchia: Scaphandridae): 85–92
  • R. S. PREZANT. Shell spinules of the bivalve, Lyonsia hyalina: 93–95
  • W. J. CLENCH. A biography of Andrew Garrett, early naturalist of Polynesia: part 2: catalogue of molluscan species and bibliography: 96–102
  • H. J. MICHAEL-TAPPING. The Caecidae (Gastropoda: Rissoacea) of Water Island, U.S. Virgin Islands, with a new species: 103–105
  • D. R. MOORE and M. F. MILLER. Discovery of living bivalved gastropods in the Florida Keys: 106
  • News: 56, 92
  • Recent death (Teramachi): 83
Volume 93 number 1 (January 10, 1979)
  • W. K. EMERSON and A. D’ATTILIO. Six new living species of muricacean gastropods: 1–10
  • W. K. EMERSON and W. E. OLD, JR. Scaphella contoyensis, a new volutid (Gastropoda) from east Mexico: 10–14
  • W. S. THOMAS. A biography of Andrew Garrett, early naturalist of Polynesia: part 1: 15–28
  • D. S. JONES. The nemertean, Malacobdella grossa, in the ocean guahog, Arctica islandica (Bivalvia): 29–30
  • G. L. PACE, E. J. SZUCH and R. W. DAPSON. Depth distribution of three gastropods in New Mission Bay, Lake Michigan: 31–36
  • D. BLANCHARD and L. L. GETZ. Arion subfuscus in southeastern Michigan: 36–37
  • D. POOL and J. MCCULLOUGH. The asiatic clam, Corbicula manilensis, from two reservoirs in eastern Texas: 37
  • J. R. ROBERTSON. Evidence for tidally correlated feeding rhythms in the eastern mud snail, Ilyanassa obsoleta: 38–40
  • E. B. HATFIELD. Food sources for Anachis avara (Columbellidae) and a discussion of feeding in the family: 40–43
  • J. A. NICHOLS and J. R. ROBERTSON. Field evidence that the eastern mud snail, Ilyanassa obsoleta, influences nematode community structure: 44–46
  • Publications received: ii
  • News: ii

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