A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology
Contents of Volume 96 (1982)

Volume 96 Number 4 (October 29, 1982)
  • J. R. DUBAR and S. S. DUBAR. A sinistral specimen of Scaphella from the Waccamaw Formation (Early Pleistocene), South Carolina: 125–126
  • M. A. ZETO. Notes on the freshwater mussels (Unionidae) of the upper Monongahela River Basin, West Virginia: 127–129
  • E. M. STERN and C. A. V. WEIT. Helix aspersa and Polygyra cereolus, two gastropods introduced into Wisconsin: 129–130
  • R. J. BARBER. The indigenous distribution of Elliptio complanata in Ohio: archaeological evidence: 130–131
  • C. J. FINLAY and D. L. N. VINK. New records of Cymatiidae (Gastropoda) in the western Atlantic: 132–134
  • R. F. MCMAHON. The occurrence and spread of the introduced asiatic freshwater clam, Corbicula fluminea (Müller), in North America: 1924–1982: 134–141
  • J. W. ROPES. Hermaphroditism, sexuality and sex ratio in the surf clam, Spisula solidissima, and the soft-shell clam, Mya arenaria: 141–147
  • B. G. ISON and R. G. HUDSON. In vitro culture of parasitic freshwater mussel glochidia: 147–151
  • B. A. HOUCK. Temporal spacing in the activity patterns of three Hawaiian shallow-water octopods: 152–156
  • B. ROTH and W. K. EMERSON. Rediscovery of the marginellid gastropod Persicula tessellata (Lamarck, 1822) on the Pacific coast of Panama: 156–161
  • Notices: 161
  • Recent deaths: 151
Volume 96 Number 3 (July 26, 1982)
  • E. H. JOKINEN. Cipangopaludina chinensis (Gastropoda: Viviparidae) in North America, review and update: 89–95
  • H. BERTSCH and B. MYERS. Comments on the eastern Pacific Trivia ritteri (Gastropoda: Triviidae): 96–99
  • B. W. KENT. An overlooked Busycon whelk (Melongenidae) from the eastern United States: 99–104
  • M. G. HARASEWYCH and R. E. PETIT. Notes on the morphology of Cancellaria reticulata (Gastropoda: Cancellariidae): 104–113
  • W. MILLER, III and S. KOOSER. The distribution of Donax variabilis (Bivalvia) at Ship Island, Mississippi: some paleomalacological aspects: 113–114
  • J. GIBSON-SMITH and W. GIBSON-SMITH. Divarilima (Bivalvia: Limidae) and a new subspecies from the Caribbean: 115–116
  • J. GIBSON-SMITH and W. GIBSON-SMITH. The subfamily Melampinae (Pulmonata: Basommatophora) in Venezuela, with descriptions of two new species: 116–120
  • J. GIBSON-SMITH and W. GIBSON-SMITH. An ancestral Stephopoma (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from the tertiary of Venezuela: 120–121
  • K. E. HOAGLAND and W. R. COE. Larval development in Crepidula maculosa (Prosobranchia: Crepidulidae), from Florida: 122
  • Errata: 96
Volume 96 Number 2 (April 21, 1982)
  • Joseph Charles Bequaert (1886–1982). An obituary by W. J. CLENCH: 35
  • T. J. FREST and R. S. RHODES II. Oxychilus draparnaldi in Iowa: 36–49
  • P. KAAS. Ischnochiton dilatosculptus, a new species from Florida (Polyplacophora: Ischnochitonidae): 40–42
  • H. BERTSCH and L. J. BIBBEY. A new tropical eastern Pacific Ovulidae (Gastropoda) Xandarovula hammesi: 42–45
  • J. ORTEA. A new Favorinus (Nudibranchia: Aeolidoidea) from the Canary Islands: 45–48
  • R. W. TAYLOR and B. D. SPURLOCK. The changing Ohio River naiad fauna: a comparison of early Indian middens with today: 49–51
  • R. J. NEVES and A. V. ZALE. Freshwater mussels (Unionidae) of big Moccasin Creek, southwestern Virginia: 52–55
  • G. N. WILEY, R. C. CIRCÉ and J. W. TUNNELL, JR. Mollusca of the rocky shores of east central Veracruz State, Mexico. 55–61
  • T. BRATCHER and W. O. CERNOHORSKY. Six new species of Indo-Pacific Terebridae (Gastropoda): 61–66
  • R. W. TAYLOR. The freshwater mussels (naiads) of big Indian Creek, a small southern Indiana tributary of the Ohio River (Bivalvia: Unionidae): 66–68
  • J. T. MOYER, W. K. EMERSON and M. ROSS. Massive destruction of scleractinian corals by the muricid gastropod, Drupella, in Japan and the Philippines: 69–82
  • D. S. FRANZEN. Succinea avara Say from the southern Great Plains of the United States: 82–88
  • Recent deaths: 68
  • Meetings and shell shows: 68
Volume 96, number 1 (January 25, 1982)
  • J. ROSEWATER. A new species of Hippopus (Bivalvia: Tridacnidae): 3–6
  • F. B. TRAMA. Occurrence of the asiatic clam Corbicula fluminea in the Raritan River, New Jersey: 6–8
  • W. D. SHEPARD. Rediscovery of a portion of the Isely unionid collections: 8
  • P. BOUCHET and F. DANRIGAL. NapoleonÂ’s Egyptian campaign (1798–1801) and the Savigny collection of shells: 9–24
  • C. L. COUNTS, III and R. S. PREZANT. Shell miscrostructure of Corbicula fluminea (Bivalvia: Corbiculidae): 25–30
  • P. W. PARMALEE and W. E. KLIPPEL. A relic population of Obovaria retussa in the middle Cumberland River, Tennessee: 30–32
  • Publications received: 2
  • Recent deaths: 2

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