A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology
Contents of Volume 97 (1983)

Volume 97 Number 4 (October 28, 1983)
  • W. K. EMERSON. New records of prosobranch gastropods from Pacific Panama: 119–123
  • B. A. THOMPSON. The occurrence of the asiatic freshwater clam, Corbicula fluminea in the Atchafalaya Delta, Louisiana: 124–125
  • G. T. WATTERS. A new species of Caducifer (Monostiolum) from the western Atlantic (Buccinidae): 125–128
  • D. G. SMITH. Notes on Mississippi River Basin Mollusca presently occurring in the Hudson River system: 128–131
  • E. COAN. A Semele story (Bivalvia: Semelidae): 132–134
  • J. E. DEISLER. Notes on nidification and ovulation in Drymaeus multilineatus (Say) (Pulmonata, Bulimulidae): 134–135
  • D. L. TIPPETT. A new sinistral turrid from Brazil (Gastropoda: Turridae): 135–138
  • D. S. FRANZEN. A new species of Catinella (Succineidae): Pulmonata from southern Michigan: 138–144
  • D. R. SHASKY. New records of Indo-Pacific mollusca from Cocos Island, Costa Rica: 144–145
  • R. M. SHELLEY. Occurrence of the unionid, Anodonta implicata Say, in North Carolina: 145–146
Volume 97 Number 3 (July 29, 1983)
  • N. E. BRANDAUER. Malacological collection of H. P. Mera at the University of Colorado Museum: 89
  • W. F. PONDER. Reclassification of some American species assigned to the Rissoidae (sensu lato): 90–91
  • J. D. LAZELL, JR. Rediscovery of the palm snail, Hemitrochus nemoralinus intensus Pilsbry (Cepolinidae): 91–92
  • W. MILLER, III. Survey of the pyramidellid gastropods in the Wassaw Sound area, coastal Georgia: 93–98
  • R. ROBERTSON. Observations of the life history of the wentletrap, Epitonium echinaticostum, in the Bahamas: 98–103
  • B. W. KENT. Diet expansion of Busycon contrarium in the absence of Triplofusus giganteus (Gastropoda: Buccinacea): 103–104
  • K. E. HOAGLAND. Ecology and larval development of Crepidula protea (Prosobranchia: Crepidulidae) from southern Brasil: a new type of egg capsule for the genus: 105–109
  • R. W. TAYLOR. The freshwater naiad (mussel) fauna of the Nolin River in the Green River drainage of central Kentucky (Mollusca: Bivalvia): 109–112
  • J. R. DAVIS. An additional record of living Orygoceras (Hydrobiidae) from Texas: 112–113
  • G. A. LONG. The unionids (Bivalvia) of Loch Raven Reservoir, Maryland: 114–116
  • R. ROBERTSON. Axial shell rib counts as systematic characters in Epitonium: 116–118
  • Deaths: 113
  • Zoological record up-date: 88
Volume 97 Number 2 (April 6, 1983)
  • W. MILLER, III. Distribution of Pyramidellid gastropods in Late Pleistocene nearshore sedimentary environments, Dare County, North Carolina: 49–55
  • R. F. MCMAHON and C. O. MCMAHON. Leaping and swimming as predator escape responses in the jackknife clam, Ensis minor Dall (Bivalvia: Pharellidae): 55–58
  • B. A. BRANSON, J. B. SICKEL and B. M. BAUER. Notes on rare and endangered or threatened pleurocerid snails from the Cumerland River, Kentucky: 58–60
  • R. ROBERTSON. Extraordinarily rapid postlarval growth of a tropical wentletrap (Epitonium albidum): 60–66
  • P. D. HARTFIELD and C. M. COOPER. Distribution of Corbicula fluminea, the asiatic clam, in Mississippi: 66–68
  • F. G. THOMPSON. The planorbid snail Micromenetus dilatatus avus (Pilsbry) in the West Indies and Central America: 68–69
  • A. L. METCALF. A new Humboldtiana (Pulmonata: Helminthoglyptidae) from northwestern Coahuila, Mexico: 69–72
  • W. L. PRATT. Living Promenetus exacuosus (Pulmonata: Planorbidae) from north central Texas: 73–74
  • D. S. DAVIS. The freshwater snail, Menetus dilatatus, (Planorbidae) in Nova Scotia: 74–76
  • E. PIP. Variability in North American Lymnaea stagnalis L. (Gastropoda: Lymnaeidae): 77–79
  • F. C. HILL. Unexplained occurrence of the mactrid bivalve, Rangia cuneata, from the Arrowhead Farms Indian site near Louisville, Kentucky: 79–81
  • R. S. PREZANT. Auto-drilling in the oyster drill Thais Haemastoma (Muricidae): 81–84
  • R. E. PETIT. Katherine V. W. Palmer - an obituary, 1895–1982: 85–86
  • Recent death: 84
Volume 97, number 1 (January 31, 1983)
  • K. JENSEN and K. B. CLARK. Annotated checklist of Florida ascoglossan opisthobranchia: 1–13
  • R. W. TAYLOR. A biographical sketch of William Irvin Utterback (1872–1949): 13–16
  • E. A. MALEK. The South American hydrobioid genus Idiopyrgus Pilsbry, 1911: 16–20
  • L. HUBRICHT, R. S. CALDWELL and J. G. PETRANKA. Vitrinizonites latissimus (Pulmonata: Zonitidae) and Vertigo clappi (Pupillidae) from eastern Kentucky: 20–22
  • G. P. HOSKIN and A. WAR�N. Peasistilifer edulis, a new eulimid prosobranch, parasitic on an Indo-Pacific holothurian: 23–25
  • P. BOUCHET and S. GOFAS. �Terebra� cosentini Philippi, 1836, an American columbellid species: 26–28
  • M. G. HARASEWYCH. A new species of Columbarium (Gastropoda: Muricacea) from off eastern Australia: 28–29
  • W. F. PONDER and S. J. HALL. Pelycidiidae, a new family of archaeogastropod molluscs: 30–35
  • E. M. STERN. Depth distribution and density of freshwater mussels (Unionidae) collected with SCUBA from the lower Wisconsin and St. Croix Rivers: 36–42
  • M. E. GORDON. A pre-European occurrence of Glebula rotundata (Bivalvia: Unionidae) in Arkansas: 42
  • Recent deaths: 43–44
  • Reviews: 44

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