A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology
Contents of Volume 98 (1984)

Volume 98 Number 4 (October 31, 1984)
  • R. G. HUDSON and B. G. ISOM. Rearing juveniles of the freshwater mussels (Unionidae) in a laboratory setting: 129–135
  • A. L. METCALF and D. A. DISTLER. Gastropods collected from eastern Oklahoma by Dwight Isely in 1911: 135–137
  • J. E. JOY and K. J. WELCH. Chaetogaster limnaei (Oligochaeta: Naididae) in the aquatic snail, Helisoma trivolvis, from Charles Fork Lake, West Virginia: 138–142
  • C. M. COOPER. The freshwater bivalves of Lake Chicot, an oxbow of the Mississippi in Arkansas: 142–145
  • A. L. METCALF. A new Humboldtiana (Pulmonata: Helminthoglyptidae) from extreme eastern Chihuahua, Mexico: 145–147
  • M. A. ZETO and J. E. SCHMIDT. Freshwater mussells (Bivalvia: Unionidae) of Monroe County, West Virginia: 147–151
  • J. ROSEWATER. Bermuda marine mollusk type specimens transferred to the Smithsonian: 151–153
  • J. J. HALL. Production of immature Corbicula fluminea (Bivalvia: Corbiculidae), in Lake Norman, North Carolina: 153–159
  • E. C. WILSON and G. L. KENNEDY. The boring clam, Penitella conradi, (Bivalvia: Pholadidae) in nephrite from Monterey County, California: 159–162
  • R. W. TAYLOR. The Midwestern naiad Uniomerus tetralasmus in West Virginia: 162–164
  • D. NICOL. Constraints to adaptive radiation in deposit-feeding pelecypods: 165–166
  • News: 164
  • Obituary: 166
Volume 98 Number 3 (July 27, 1984)
  • M. G. HARASEWYCH and R. H. JENSEN. Natica guesti, a new naticid gastropod from the western Atlantic: 99–101
  • F. E. WELLS. Population characteristics of the periwinkle, Nodilittorina unifasciata, on a vertical rock cliff in Western Australia: 102–107
  • A. C. MILLER, L. RHODES and R. TIPPIT. Changes in the naiad fauna of the Cumberland River below Lake Cumberland in central Kentucky: 107–110
  • R. J. DISTEFANO. Freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae) of Horse Lick Creek, Rockcastle River, Kentucky: 110–113
  • R. L. WALKER. Effects of density and sampling time on the growth of the hard clam Mercenaria mercenaria, planted in predator-free cages in coastal Georgia: 114–119
  • R. W. NECK. Occurrence of the striped ram’s horn snail, Marisa cornuarietis, in central Texas (Ampullariidae): 119–120
  • J. H MCLEAN. Agathodonta nortoni, new species: living member of a lower cretaceous trochid genus: 121–123
  • D. NICOL. Critique on Stenzel’s book on the Ostracea: 123–126
  • D. NICOL and D. S. JONES. Bellaxinaea, a new subgenus of glycymeridids (Pelecypoda) from the Western Hemisphere: 126–128
Volume 98 Number 2 (April 27, 1984)
  • A Farewell to Bill Clench: 55–58
  • W. K. EMERSON. Conus kintoki Habe and Kosuge, 1970: a validly proposed taxon: 58–60
  • R. S. APPELDOORN. Sex ratio in the soft-shell clam, Mya arenaria: 61–63
  • D. S. DUNDEE and R. J. BAERWALD. Observations on a micropredator, Gulella bicolor (Hutton), (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Streptaxidae): 63–68
  • R. W. NECK. Lving terrestrial gastropods from the eastern Caprock Escarpment, Texas: 68–74
  • G. L. PHARRIS, J. B. SICKEL and C. C. CHANDLER. Range extension of the freshwater mussel, Plectomerus dombeyanus, into the Tennessee River, Kentucky: 74–77
  • K. J. BOSS and A. S. MERRILL. Architea A. Costa, not an architectonicid but a pomatiasid (Gastropoda: Prosobranchia): 77–79
  • N. C. BOSS, T. G. LAMAN and H. D. BLANKESPOOR. Dispersal movements of four species of pulmonate and operculate snails in Douglas Lake, Michigan: 80–83
  • H. A. REHDER. The genus Brondelia Bourguignat, 1862, and its taxonomic position (Gastropoda: Siphonariidae): 83–84
  • K. B. CLARK. New records and synonymies of Bermuda opisthobranchs (Gastropoda): 85–97
  • Positions Open: 84
  • Review: 79
Volume 98, number 1 (January 30, 1984)
  • J. ROSEWATER. A bibliography and list of the taxa of mollusca introduced by Joseph P. E. Morrison (December 17, 1906 - December 2, 1983): 1–9
  • H. BERTSCH and L. A. ROSAS. Range extensions of four species of nudibranchs along the Pacific coast of Baja California, Mexico: 9–11
  • E. COAN. What is Ervilia californica Dall?:11–12
  • J. E. DEISLER and R. T. ABBOTT. Range extensions of some introduced land mollusks in the Bahama Islands, with first reports for four species: 12–17
  • J. KRAEUTER, L. ADAMKEWICZ, M. CASTAGNA, R. WALL and R. KARNEY. Rib number and shell color in hybridized subspecies of the Atlantic Bay scallop, Argopecten irradians: 17–20
  • T. G. LAMAN, N. C. BOSS and H. D. BLANKESPOOR. Depth distribution of seven species of gastropods in Doublas Lake, Michigan: 20–25
  • F. AROCHA and G. ROBAINA. First record of Octopus defilippi Verany, 1851 in Venezuelan coastal waters: 25–28
  • M. A. SNYDER. Fusinus lightbourni (Gastropoda: Fasciolariidae), a new species from Bermuda: 28–30
  • A. D’ATTILIO and B. W. MYERS. A new western Atlantic species of Cymatium (Gastropoda: Cymatiidae): 31–36
  • M. G. HARASEWYCH and R. E. PETIT. Notes on the morphology of Olssonella smithii (Gastropoda: Cancellariidae): 37–44
  • L. S. THOMPSON. Comparison of the diets of the tidal marsh snail, Melampus bidentatus and the amphipod, Orchestia grillus: 44–53
  • Publications received: ii
  • Meetings: ii
  • Recent deaths: ii
  • News: 30

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