A Quarterly Devoted to Malacology
Contents of Volume 99 (1985)

Volume 99 Number 4 (October 31, 1985)
  • T. BRATCHER and W. O. CERNOHORSKY. Three new deep-water Indo-Pacific and one intertidal Brazilian species of Terebra (Gastropoda): 91–94
  • D. S. FRANZEN. Succinea vaginacontorta Lee (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Succineidae): 94–97
  • H. A. REHDER. A new species of Coralliophila (Gastropoda: Coralliophilidae) from southeastern Polynesia: 97–100
  • R. W. NECK. Native freshwater mussels (Unionacea) as fouling agents in electrical generating plants: 100–101
  • W. K. EMERSON. Teramachia dupreyae new species, from off western Australia (Gastropoda: Volutidae): 102–107
  • S. J. HERRMANN and J. R. FAJT. Additional Colorado records of Anadonta grandis grandis Say (Bivalvia: Unionidae): 107–109
  • J. E. JOY. A 40-week study on growth of the Asian clam, Corbicula fluminea (Müller), in the Kanawha River, West Virgina: 110–116
  • P. D. HARTFIELD and R. G. RUMMEL. Freshwater mussels (Unionidae) of the Big Black River, Mississippi: 116–119
  • C. T. HACKNEY. Variations of shell morphology in the Carolina marsh clam, Polymesoda caroliniana, from southeastern United States (Corbiculidae): 120–126
  • R. L. WALKER. Growth and optimum seeding time for the hard clam, Mercenaria mercenaria (L.), in coastal Georgia: 127–133
  • D. S. FRANZEN. Anatomy of Oxyloma nuttalliana chasmodes Pilsbry: 134–139
  • R. BIELER, A. S. MERRILL and K. J. BOSS. Pseudotorinia bullisi, new species (Gastropoda: Architectonicidae) from subtropical western Atlantic: 139–141
  • A. E. BOGAN. A comment on Strophitinae Gordon, 1981 (Unionidae, Bivalvia): 141–142
  • M. E. GORDON and J. L. HARRIS. Distribution of Lampsilis powelli (Lea) (Bivalvia: Unionacea): 142–144
Volume 99 Number 2-3 (April 29, 1985)
  • W. G. LYONS. Chaetopleura staphylophera (Polyplacophora: Chaetopleuridae), a new species from the southeastern United States and Bahamas: 35–44
  • J. H. N. LEAL and A. C. DOS SANTOS COELHO. Arene flexispina, a new species (Gastropoda: Liotiidae) from off eastern Brazil: 45–47
  • G. L. PACE and E. J. SZUCH. An exceptional stream population of the banded applesnail, Viviparus georgianus, in Michigan: 48–53
  • J. W. ROPES. Modern methods used to age oceanic bivalves: 53–57
  • A. D’ATTILIO and B. W. MYERS. Two new species of Favartia from the west Pacific Ocean (Gastropoda: Muricidae): 58–61
  • P. S. MIKKELSEN. A rapid method for slide mounting of minute radulae, with a bibliography of radula mounting techniques: 62–65
  • S. E. BELANGER, J. L. FARRIS, D. S. CHERRY and J. CAIRNS, JR. Sediment preference of the freshwater asiatic clam, Corbicula fluminea: 66–73
  • C. J. FINLAY. A west Indian columbellid new to the genus Steironepion: 73–75
  • N. C. HULINGS. Activity patterns and homing in two intertidal limpets, Jordan Gulf of Aqaba: 75–80
  • F. G. THOMPSON and E. L. HUCK. The land snail family Hydrocenidae in Vanuatu (New Hebrides Islands), and comments on other Pacific Island species: 81–84
  • R. W. TAYLOR. Comments on the distribution of freshwater mussels (Unionacea) of the Potomac River headwaters in West Virgina: 84–87
  • J. GIBSON-SMITH and W. GIBSON-SMITH. A second melampid (Pulmonata: Basommatophora) from the Early Miocene of Venezuela: 87–89
  • Deaths: 80
  • Meetings: 44, 80
Volume 99, number 1 (January 30, 1985)
  • R. H. BAILEY. Human modification of molluscan habitats in Little Creek Estuary, Virginia: 1–6
  • M. E. GORDON. Mollusca of Frog Bayou, Arkansas: 6–9
  • A. D’ATTILIO and B. W. MYERS. A new species of Pygmaepterys Vokes from the western Pacific (Gastropoda: Muricidae): 9–13
  • W. K. EMERSON. Murex hamatus Hinds, 1844, a living west American species assigned to the Neogene paciphile genus, Pterorytis Conrad (Gastropoda: Muricidae): 14–17
  • C. L. COUNTS, III. Corbicula fluminea (Bivalvia: Corbiculidae) in the state of Washington in 1937, and in Utah in 1978: 18–19
  • R. W. NECK. Tropical veronicellid, Laevicaulis alte (Férussac), established in southern Texas: 19–20
  • L. A. J. AL-HASSAN and Z. I. AL-HASANI. New records of marine mollusca from Khor Abdullah, Iraq: 20–21
  • P. E. FELL and J. H. WILLIAMS. Distribution of the snail, Melampus bidentatus, and the mussel, Geukensia demissa, along the Pataguanset Estuary (Connecticut) in relation to salinity and other tidal marsh invertebrates: 21–28
  • W. K. EMERSON. Two new species of Lyria from the western Atlantic (Gastropoda: Volutidae): 28–33
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