FUM Group Photo

Publication Date: February 1, 2010

Participants in the first meeting of Florida United Malacologists (FUM), January 30, 2010, at The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum (authors of talks are in boldface; institutional affiliation is given for those authors).

1. Mark Thompson (Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation), 2. José H. Leal (The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum), 3. Jim Williams (University of Florida), 4. Fred Thompson (Florida Museum of Natural History), 5. Carole Marshall, 6. Rick Bartleson (Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation), 7. Tom Risher, 8. Alice Monroe, 9. Mary Ellen Akers, 10. Mari Hanley, 11. Rodger Bunnell, 12 . Alan Gettleman, 13. Greg Herbert  (University of South Florida), 14. Loren Coen (Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation), 15. Dona Blaine, 16. Phyllis Sharp, 17. Gretchen Delman, 18. Dennis Delman, 19. Chelsey Campbell (Florida Museum of Natural History), 20. Carol Lyons, 21. Bill Lyons, 22. Steven Geiger (Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute), 23. Harry G. Lee, 24. Ken Piech, 25. Lori Schroeder, 26. Greg Nielsen, 27. Linda Kramer, 28. John Slapcinsky (Florida Museum of Natural History), 29. Sandra Jaramillo, 30. Sue Sprout, 31. Jim Scatterday, 32. Phyllis Diegel, 33. Smoky Payson, 34. Gustav Paulay (Florida Museum of Natural History), 35. Anne Joffe, 36. Clair Beckmann, 37. David Campbell (University of Alabama), 38. Matt Blaine, 39. David Karlen (Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County), 40. Richard Duerr, 41. Ted McLean, 42. Jeff Nekola (University of New Mexico), 43. Hal Pilcher, 44. Nathan Johnson (University of Florida). Other registered participants not in the photo are: Barbara Hansen, Kathleen Hoover, Joyce Matthys, Diane Orvis Thomas.




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