Looking for a guest speaker for your next community or organizational gathering? Let the National Shell Museum bring our traveling group presentations to you.

What: Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum offers presentations to community groups and organizations. Topics include an overview of the Museum as well as specific topics such as mollusks, cephalopods, shelling, and our fabulous live animal program: Mollusks on the Move.

Why: It is part of our public outreach to promote conservation and to connect people to the natural world through their love of shells and the marvelous animals that create them.

Who: The speakers are highly trained staff marine biologists or naturalists.

How long?: Presentations typically last forty-five minutes to an hour.

How much?: $200

Where: We can present to community organizations in Lee and Collier County. Consideration will be given to other requests on a case by case basis.

How: Complete the Request a Shell Museum Speaker form to determine if a speaker is available for your event. Requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the preferred date and are subject to the Speakers' availability. Requests will be confirmed within 5 business days of submission.

All talks will receive a complimentary program about Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum

We are a Natural History Museum that increases knowledge of, and appreciation for, mollusks and their shells using our collections, programs, and expertise to inspire learning, support scientific research, and tell the story of mollusks’ importance to people and the natural world. Find out more about who we are, what we do and why it is important to you and how you can get involved.


Magnificent Mollusks | Southwest Florida Shells | Mollusks on the Move

Magnificent Mollusks

What is a mollusk? How are their shells formed? Can the creatures that make the shells trade them in for new ones when they feel like it? Explore the unique adaptations of mollusks and discover their importance in Florida's ecosystem. Learn how mollusks eat, move, protect themselves, and reproduce. Learn about their anatomy and how they grow. Let us introduce you to the wonderful world of mollusks. Note: this program does NOT include live animals.

Southwest Florida Shells 

Sanibel, Florida is known throughout the world as a top shelling destination. Have you ever wondered why it's the best? Why do we have so many shells here? What are some of the local common shells? When is the best time to shell? This program is all about shells! Each beach on Sanibel has unique features; who better to share insider's tips on shelling than the National Shell Museum? Visitors will test their shell knowledge with our interactive shell ID assessment. This program is fun for all ages. Note: this program does NOT include live animals.

Mollusks on the Move

If you’ve ever wondered what the animal looks like that created a shell, look no further! In this outreach program, a museum naturalist will bring LIVE mollusks to you! The naturalist will highlight their feeding habits, life cycles, and interesting facts during this presentation. This program is available for all age groups. However, grades K-2 will not be able to touch the live animals. Large groups can be split up into multiple presentations to make sure the presenter can have enough time to answer any and all questions concerning these lively mollusks.

Quotes from participants:

"A terrific experience for visitors and staff alike!"- Nancy Kilmartin, Program Specialist at Lee County Manatee Park

"I thought shells were just rocks, but now I know they're alive." - Kindergarten student, Franklin Park Elementary

"Now I know how to figure out which shells I have at home!"- 2nd Grade student, Tice Elementary

How to Book "Mollusks on the Move"

To book any outreach program, please contact:

Leigh Gay
Outreach Coordinator

*Some scholarships are available for Title I schools. Please contact us for more information.

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