Shell Ambassadors

The Shell Ambassador program is a volunteer opportunity available through the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum. Volunteers wear specially designed Shell Ambassador apparel while they are on the beach to indicate that they are available to answer questions and identify shells. There are no specific hours or shifts required.

To become a Shell Ambassador, volunteers must complete an initial one-day training and successfully demonstrate their knowledge through formal assessments. Content addressed in the training includes knowledge of Southwest Florida shells, interpretation of beach ecosystems, effective public relations, and response to legal and ethical dilemmas. Study materials will be provided in advance of the training so participants can arrive prepared for the shell identification assessment.

One-day training events (8:30AM - 5PM) are scheduled throughout the year. Participants need only attend one of these dates. Upon successful completion of all components of the training, Shell Ambassadors are authorized to wear the official Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum Shell Ambassador apparel. Additional apparel will be available for purchase.

Registration Fee $90.00. Included in your registration are your advance study materials, a full day of training provided by experts from the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum, lunch and a continental breakfast on the day of the training, and your initial Shell Ambassador moisture-wicking T-shirt (awarded upon successful completion of all training and assessments). After twenty hours of volunteering as a Shell Ambassador you will receive a complimentary Golden Olive Membership valued at $100.

To register, please click the date below:

Thursday, January 11th, 2018


Advanced Shell Ambassador Training

Certified Shell Ambassadors interested in additional training are encouraged to sign up for our advanced course. This full-day (8:00am-5:00pm) class will cover various topics such as scaphopods, cephalopods, local avian fauna, invertebrates, our collections, reproductive and feeding habits of local mollusks, and much more. Come network with other Ambassadors, talk about your experiences, identify your beach finds, and sharpen your shell identification skills. Continental breakfast and lunch are included in your registration fee.

To register, please click the date below:

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018


For more information please contact:

Leigh Gay
Outreach Coordinator